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What is Khaos Control Cloud ERP?

As a cloud-based solution we streamline your business' stock control, order processing, CRM and accounting

Our cloud ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) puts retailers and wholesalers in control of their businesses 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. 365 days a year.

Whether you're working on the move via your phone or tablet, catching up from home on your laptop or in the office, our all-in-one browser-based, mobile ERP software, has you covered.

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Our cloud-based ERP solution on the go


Working on the Go

Key business data at your fingertips, on any device

Khaos Control Cloud ERP software works on multiple devices

Mobile ERP provides you with complete access to all of your business' complete data, wherever you are. From Despatches to your Trial Balance and from Dashboards to your CRM data. Our responsive Cloud ERP software enables you and your team to work on the business from anywhere with an internet connection, on any device.

Any Time

Any Time

Any Device

Any Device

Any Action

Any Action

For us, Cloud ERP software has to provide you with the same, powerful experience when you're on your Phone or Tablet as when you're on your Computer. In order to deliver on that belief, we design and develop our Mobile ERP to work on any device from the ground up. We don't just give you access to every feature on your Phone or Tablet, we have gone out of our way to design and develop Khaos Control Cloud to ensure that you gain the same power and efficiencies on your mobile devices as when you're sat at your desk.

Warehouse Automation

Streamline Your Business!

Robust Stock Control is at the heart of automating your warehouse processes. From Pick / Pack / Despatch to Goods In, our Cloud ERP software puts you in control and ensures that you know:

What you've got

What you've got

How many you have

How many you have

Where your goods are

Where your goods are

Accurate inventory figures allow you to focus on automating your processes and gaining the efficiencies your business needs in order to grow successfully and sustainably. Escape the danger and drudgery or relying on spreadsheets and other manual workarounds for your business and escape these scenarios:

  • Having to let customers down as you can't find the goods you've allowed them to order.

  • Wasting time and effort on manual stock counts and impromptu checks.

  • Working manually through every back order next time there's a delivery in order to ensure that you don't miss fulfilling any existing orders.

  • Capital tied up in product which would have been better spent on marketing and other growth activities.

  • Ad-hoc reordering leads to inflated costs, due to you having to shorten lead times from your suppliers

Automation and efficiency underpin everything we do at Khaos Control. Try us today and experience the difference we can make to your business.

Control Your Financials

Don't be one of the 55%

Control finances with our cloud-based ERP

More than half of startups in the UK fail within their first 5 years' trading[1]. The most common causes of this failure include:

Without control of your business' core financial figures you risk becoming one of the 55%.

Financial compliance

Financial compliance

Insufficient finance

Insufficient finance

Uncontrolled costs

Uncontrolled costs

Integrated accounting is often overlooked as being a key requirement when selecting Cloud ERP software. When you're growing a business it can be easy to focus on the things that you enjoy. And let's be honest, most of us don't love getting our heads into margins, underlying trends and filing tax returns.

It's much more fun to focus on the next marketing campaign. On creating and sourcing new products. On improving your website. On coaching your colleagues to success. You're certain to have a long list of things you'd much rather be doing in your business than making sure your accounts are up to date.

That's where we come in. We've been helping retailers grow rapidly and sustainbly since 2000. Our Cloud ERP software gives you the ability to review, analyse and act upon your financial data, without

Keep Your Promises

Deliver the Best Possible Customer Experience

Growing your retail business should be fun. Challenging? Yes. Hard work? Yes. Stressful? Sometimes. But it should still be enjoyable, otherwise why bother? Over-selling drains the joy out of even the most upbeat person:

Processing Refunds

Processing Refunds, cancellation requests, emails & even letters.

Dealing with the hit you take on your marketplace(s) of choice

Dealing with the hit you take on your marketplace(s) of choice.

Handling the negative feedback and reviews that are generated

Handling the negative feedback and reviews that are generated.

The extra effort you have to put in to return your seller rating and listings to their previous level

Returning your seller rating and listings to their previous levels.

That's before we even start to get into other potential problems with; your seller account status, distance selling regulations, dealing with the collateral damage and fallout across your social media accounts.

A much better idea is to simply not go there in the first place, which is where having the right solution to hand makes all the difference. Put the joy back in your day and let us treat the causes of over-selling at source.

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