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Why Integrating with Amazon Makes Sense

Amazon's UK website sees consumers spend £200 a second, with more than 50% of online shoppers turning to the Online Retail Giant for product searches (1). Online retailers ignore this thriving marketplace at their peril.

Simply being 'on' Amazon is rarely enough though. For your retail business to get the most out of the marketplace you need to be integrated with it. Amazon's API allows for back office solutions, such as our ERP on the Go, to embed your Amazon marketplace into your daily workflow with little or no effort.

Members of the Khaos Control Family have been growing their businesses on Amazon for more than a decade, our Amazon ERP integration brings that power to even more businesses.


How our Cloud-Based Amazon ERP Integration Helps

Our first Amazon integration went live in 2007 and we've spent the last decade learning from the experiences of our developers and our customers to ensure that we provide retailers with the tools they need in order to grow their business, sustainably, via Amazon's marketplace.

Our Cloud Amazon Integration combines that decade of experience, with nearly 20 years' knowledge about integrating eCommerce websites, marketplaces and other channels and provides you with:

Amazon Order Management

Your Amazon orders are downloaded and imported into our Cloud ERP all day, every day. Instant communication means:

  • No need to manually download orders from Amazon.

  • No costly errors from order keying mistakes.

  • Our automated process means no time wasted on waiting for manual checks and processes.

Amazon Inventory Management

Automatically downloading orders and sending up your inventory figures ensures that Amazon and Khaos Control Cloud are 'on the same page' in terms of stock that's available to sell. Our Amazon integration means:

  • No more over-selling on Amazon.

  • No more time wasting on repetitive and needless stock checks for Amazon.

  • That you can fulfil the promises that you've made to your Amazon customers.

Amazon Shipping Management

Pick, Pack and despatch your Amazon orders from a single screen in our Cloud ERP ensuring that:

  • Your Amazon customers are sent the right goods, in the right quantities, first time.

  • You save time and money by selecting the right courier option automatically with our Metapack integration.

  • Customer communication for your Amazon shoppers is made simple with centrally stored tracking references that are available to all of your channels and colleagues.

Amazon Explainer Videos

Run through the process of creating a new Amazon Channel in Khaos Control Cloud from start to finish, by watching our explainer video.
How to create an Amazon channel in Khaos Control Cloud
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Setting up Channels in Khaos Control Cloud

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