Barcode Scanning comes to your mobile ERP | Khaos Control Cloud

You asked for it and we’ve delivered. Barcode scanning has been introduced to the application, enabling you to:

Myself and the team have tested this with both tethered (wired) and wireless / Bluetooth scanners and much fun has been had in the office with anything remotely resembling a barcode.

Further barcode scanning functionality will be following on from this in future sprints, with a range of enhancements already on the development roadmap.

Content Delivery Network Interface

As well as spending time on Khaos Control Cloud’s mobile ERP interface during the latest sprint, we’ve also spent some time on the Content Delivery Network. Specifically the Images section of the Stock screen. Whilst we had the functionality spot on, there were obvious improvements to be made in terms of design.

The upload area had been given an overhaul and now provides you with more feedback during the upload process.

The image thumbnails and grid are now on separate tabs.

Stock Item screen in barcode scanning

Finally, the popovers that allow you to view your images in detail have been worked on, with improved image scaling based on your screen resolution.

image in barcode scanning

Pick Pack Despatch - Managed

We can’t seem to leave the Sales Invoice Manager (SIM) alone! Efficient, accurate fulfilment is key and, as a result, we continue to devote development time and resource to our cloud WMS & Pick Pack Despatch functionality in order to ensure that it’s awesome.

The latest improvement has seen us implement the same tab / heading system that other key screens in the system use (like Products, Sales Orders, Customers etc..).

Invoicing screen for barcode scanning

This means that the filters and grid options are now above (and detached) from the grid, and that records load in this screen even more quickly than before. This is because the filters are being applied to the entire screen once, rather to each stage in turn. The performance improvement here in the office has been noticeable and we can’t wait to hear how much this helps out in the wild!

Bug fixing

This part is becoming a formality now, and our Support Team are getting great feedback via our in-app help and ticketing system. We will always be fixing small niggles here and there, and whilst we don’t go into detail in what they are unless they result in a significant change, rest assured that this latest update contains a whole range of fixes.

What next?

Our next sprint will consist of more improvements to the mobile UI and performance (read up on the latest mobile UI improvements in the app). As mentioned above, we’ve also got more improvements coming to the barcode scanning functionality.

In the meantime, if you have any issues, feedback, praise, criticism, or any other thoughts then please contact us through the application. You can access the feedback mechanism via your user menu or the help dialog at any time.

If you’re not using Khaos Control Cloud yet, then what are you waiting for? Winter may be coming, but it's not here yet! Start your Khaos Control Cloud Journey today!

Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud's updated process re: trials.


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