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The idea of Think Big is very common. All too often we are actively encouraged to go looking for those big ideas or actions that will make a significant change. Certain events in history are presented to us as defining moments in our progression as evidence of the Think Big idea as being true.

For instance when you look at this picture what do you see?

Big ideas from the man on the moon


But is Think Big really the best way?

If we were to look at some of those moments that are considered to be defining then cracks will start to appear.

An easy one to dismiss would be something like the Industrial Revolution. The use of the word revolution suggests something happening in a relatively short period of time. It may be a matter of days, weeks, months, years or at a stretch decades. But the Industrial Revolution is a period that covers arguably 100 years or so and the term did not even come into existence until well into the revolution itself.

The Moon landing is considered a pivotal point as it rightly should be. But this was a single event that required millions of small things to have been accomplished in order for it to happen. The same could be said of the Wright brothers with their own historic flight.

Even with these simple examples it is soon apparent that you can think about almost any event you consider significant and then break it down into far smaller events which without the main event would not have been possible.

We tend to be able to remember landmark points a little easier than all of the smaller events. After all remembering one thing is considerably easier than remembering a hundred. As such there is probably a tendency to think that these pivotal points are the important ones.

Now all of this probably seems more than obvious so why does the Think Big idea seem to act as a barrier to us accomplishing our own goals?

A conversation that can be heard all too often is the one about starting your own business. People will often want to start their own business but simply wait for that killer idea as without it they think they will be doomed to failure.

The thing is you do not actually need to think big in order to be big. If anything it is the small things that count. You will just need a lot of them. Which is fine as there are lots of small things and far fewer big things. The even better thing about this is that often a lot of the small things are already there for you to use.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are simply one example of where this is all too evident. ERP itself is by no means a new concept and you can easily trace its history back to the 1960's. Over the decades many business features have been developed and incorporated into ERP systems that now offer functionality that business would have killed for even just a decade ago. We mention ERP here not only as we of course have a vested interest and passion for such things but more importantly that it is an ever easier tool to access that can really help with the starting of a new business. No longer is there a need to manage computers the size of a van in order to process your customers orders. Connecting all the different channels available is becoming increasingly simple. Buying from and selling into foreign markets has never been easier than it is now.

As much as an ERP system will be at the heart of your business it is by no means the only tool that is available to you. There are many others that can help spread the message about your products and services such as all the social media platforms, tools to help with creative content, data analysis and much more besides. Many of which are available for free.

So at this time of year when many are thinking about self improvement of some sort then why not consider making your own business for yourself? Starting your own company will only require that one small step from you.


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