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BigCommerce ERP Integration Just Makes Sense

BigCommerce is an eCommerce billionaire blockbuster. Since it burst on to the scene in 2009, it’s amassed tens of thousands of users who’ve harnessed it to build and maintain awesome online stores.

Boasting a fantastic range of sleek eCommerce templates, handy apps and 99.99% uptime, it’s easy to see why it’s been a natural fit for so many. And why it’s a natural candidate for Khaos Control Cloud integration.

BigCommerce ERP Integration Helps Because

BigCommerce merchants enjoy a massive 28% year on year growth, which is almost twice the industry average, but why settle for less? With Khaos Control Cloud, your business will grow still further with BigCommerce powering your main storefront(s), but as only one of your sales channels.

With a single login, Khaos Control Cloud enables you to control all of your sales channels from any internet-enabled device.

For BigCommerce, this means:

BigCommerce Selling Made Simple

Your BigCommerce sales are brought down into our mobile business system throughout the day, providing benefits such as:

  • Say goodbye to theBigCommerce Admin Panel and manual checks for new orders.

  • Save money by reducing the opportunity for people to make mistakes entering orders.

  • Save time by removing the need for you and your team to run manual checks and processes on new orders.

BigCommerce Products Controlled

Bringing sales down and uploading your inventory levels automatically helps you control your products, as both BigCommerce and your Cloud ERP are in line. Integrating your BigCommerce store with KCC will ensure that:

  • There's no chance of selling too much stock on your BigCommerce store.

  • There's more time to spend on your business because you're not wasting hours on perpetual inventory checking for BigCommerce.

  • You deliver on the commitment you've made on your BigCommerce Store.

BigCommerce Shipping Management

Fulfil BigCommerce invoices via the despatch window in KCC, which guarantees that:

  • BigCommerce shoppers receive what they ordered, when they asked for it.

  • You add efficiency and reduce costs when KCC picks the best delivery option thanks to our Metapack plugin.

  • Your messaging is always 'on point' for your BigCommerce store fulfilment and that your Customer Care team are able to quickly and easily find, share and use consignment numbers and other key order fulfilment data.

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