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Using the latest in browser-based tech, our software allows you to streamline your stock control, order processing, customer relationship management and accounting. See the money coming in and out of your business, improve your customer service, take charge of your suppliers, and revolutionise your stock control processes. As well as being able to access the system at the same time as your team, our software is fully mobile compliant so you can work on the move.


Get a snapshot of what’s going on in a certain area of your business, set by what’s important to you! Make informed decisions in an instant and regularly monitor your business priorities (whether that’s on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis).

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Supplier Management

Managing supplier data on the cloud gives you an instant and real-time overview of your supplier activities. Keep an eye on returns, track reorder quantities, stay on top of product prices and much more.

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Multiple Integrations

Whilst stock control is a large part of our customers business, we understand that other areas like accounting, marketing and couriers remain a high priority. We’re proud to integrate with multiple external providers that allow our customers to experience the most seamless journey possible.

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Product Variation

Whether you’re stocking cushions or cakes your business should never feel restricted when it comes to stocking too much variety. Products come in all shapes and sizes, and our size colour style feature provides flexibility for business owners who need control over a detailed stock list

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We don’t sugar coat OUR PRICES

With an average cost of just £37.50 per user per month, our solutions are accessible to small and medium enterprises alike. Our sales team can advise on the most cost-effective package for you, so book your demo today.


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