Nine Major Changes Released in our Cloud Application Update

We’ve launched our first major Cloud application update since its release.  This includes a whole host of fixes, improvements and new features.  All to help you become more productive inside the cloud.

Notification Centre + Report Generation

Cloud Application Update Notification CentreThe notification centre is much more powerful in this release, giving you information about pending updates, report generation and more.

We realised that the Notification Centre wasn’t fulfilling its potential.  The new design allows us to get information to the user in a much more effective and obvious manner.

Thanks to the new design, the Notification Centre is now also accessible on mobile devices, which wasn’t previously the case.

All of your reports are now kept inside the Notification Centre, allowing you to continue with your work and download them as and when required.  This means that you don’t have to interrupt your workflow to sit and stare at the screen whilst a report is generated.

Reports can now also be bulk downloaded into a zip file if multiple items are selected at once.  For example, you can print multiple customer statements from the debtors and creditors list all in one go, instead of having to print each one individually.


Getting Help to the User More Efficiently

Cloud Application Update More EfficientGone is the massive dialog that would affect your workflow, you can access the help documentation quickly and easily,  whilst still continue with what you were working on.

Each screen now features a help assistant who can be clicked on to bring up the help dialog.  If you haven’t visited a screen before our new assistant will be more prominent and make herself known to you.  If you’ve already visited a screen before she will hide away and let you get on with things.

Users will be given Suggested Help and Top Related Help content relative to the screen that they are on when the Help dialog is first opened.

The Suggested Help will tell you about things such as the current screen you’re on, what each control on the page does and what on earth the grid you’re currently looking at is for!

The Related Help will consist of interface tours where you get a brief overview the tour, followed by the option to run the tour or see a list of steps so that you can follow them at your own pace.

Our training team have been hard at work providing the content for the updated Help functionality and we now have more than 300 tours built into the application.

Additionally, you now have the ability to search for Help anywhere in the system, giving you all related interface tours and more.


Styling Tweaks

Although subtle, the Khaos Control Cloud has had an overhaul in terms of its look and feel, bringing a much cleaner and more appealing look to it.  This also includes changes to the responsiveness of the site, with much more intelligent panel sizing, element positioning.  This means that menu items that were previously inaccessible on mobile are now available.

During the development phase of this project we took the opportunity to tidy-up our styling by using namespaces in our CSS to help us quickly diagnose problems and add or update the style of certain aspects of the system without impacting on anything else whilst doing so.

We have also introduced a new profile avatar dialog, with all new placeholder avatars for you to use.  We have also improved the avatar interface, so that it is even more obvious where and how you can change your avatar.


User Menu Tweaks and Easily Accessible Account Information

Cloud Application Update Menu TweaksThe user menu has been updated, with more options and a slight styling change.  You can now access your site switcher, account information, settings and more.

All of your account information has been put into your settings menu, giving you an overview of your account, an additional place to update your avatar and a link to the Admin Portal.

We have also made the Keyboard shortcuts Help much more accessible, and easier to follow than before.  I really recommend that you learn and use some of the more important Keyboard Shortcuts, as they will drastically speed up your use of the system and leave you more time for the good stuff!

My personal favourites are:

Alt + E (edit mode) and Alt + S (save document) since they save loads of time when it comes to editing/saving things


Auto Completing your Command Line Entries

Cloud Application Update Grid RowsThe command line has also been given some love in this update.  We have replaced the Tool Tip that loomed on screen on startup with a simple and minimal auto-complete that will suggest commands for you as you type. You can also access the new command line help dialog for more suggestions.


Dragging and Dropping your Grid Rows

The drag and drop functionality in the grids (yes, you can already drag and drop items within grids!) has also had a few changes made to it.  We’ve made it more obvious that items in a grid can be dragged, and then even more obvious as to where you can drop these items. This update applies to elements like:

We’ve tested the updated drag and drop features on a wide range of browsers, but please do let us know if you’re having issues in your particular browser of choice.


Sticking your SIM Stages

The Sales Invoice Manager has also had a small tweak in terms of the stages that are on the side of the screen. It previously wasn’t very easy to drag and drop between stages if you had a lot of items in the grid. To combat this, the stages down the side of the grid will now follow you down the page as you scroll, allowing you to drag and drop items between stages much more easily and quickly.


No More Logging out to Apply System Data Changes

This wasn’t our best idea so far, sorry about that.  Having to logout and back in to apply your system data changes was a little 1994.  So we’ve changed it.  Once you’ve updated your system data settings, they will be applied straight away, without having to logout.  Much better!


Data Import CSV Template Generation

The data import screen has been enhanced, allowing you to generate a custom CSV template for you to use.  This can be done for both customer and stock data; simply select the item in the dropdown list and click the “CSV template” button!


What's the Next Cloud Application Update?

We’re just getting started and myself and the team are already hard at work building more features and functionality.  Chief amongst these will be a CSV Import tool for Sales Orders, which will allow you to import orders from any source into the system for you to pick, pack and despatch.

You can expect to see the next update along soon and we’ll be in touch, both here on the blog, via email (sign up to our newsletter if you haven’t already) and our social networks once this is available.

In the meantime, if you have any issues, or you have suggestions you’d like to share, then please get in touch with us via the application.  You can access the feedback mechanism via your user menu or the help dialog at any time.

I hope that I’ve enthused you about the new changes in this version of Khaos Control Cloud and that you’re looking forward to taking advantage of them.  If you’re not yet using our online stock control software, then what are you waiting for? Get Started Today!

Matt Hadden is a JavaScript developer and loves making chaotic clouds here at Khaos Control. You can follow him on Twitter or drop him a line, he'd love to hear from you.

Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud's updated process re: trials.


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