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The mobile phone is a wonderful device. You can make calls, text your friends, check your tweets (@Forceh91 as you ask, other social networks are available) and check your latest KPIs from the comfort of your reserved train seat. So, let’s have a chat about the latest round of improvements to Khaos Control Cloud and how we're revolutionising mobile erp.

Mobile ERP or, as we like to call it; #ERPontheGo

You may have noticed across our social media channels that we’ve been emphasising the phrase “ERPontheGo” a lot lately. We’re proud of how well our application already works on mobile, but we’re not ones to stand still, so we’ve further improved the way in which Khaos Control Cloud works on your phone:


mobile erp sales order mobile erp sales order details

The tabs (headings) across the top of your documents on mobile weren’t working as well as we’d hoped, and so we have made them much easier to use. On your phone, screens and documents with tabs on them now slide across as you tap on a tab / section, revealing the content you’re looking for.

Navigating around the application

mobile erp list
The next update to our mobile erp UI comes in the form of the new and improved window and documents list. This now acts much more like the desktop version of the application, but it has been built with mobile in mind. Tapping on the window item that you want, such as “Despatch” has been made easier, there’s more space, there’s text and there’s icons. What more could you want?

If a window already has documents open, then the window list will slide out of the way, giving you a much improved experience and making it easier for you to move between open documents on your phone.

Mobile ERP options
We have also made a change to the “New” button at the top of the screen. We have gone for big and bold, with a tile view for the “New” button that ensures you create the document you want, first time.

Command line

mobile erp dashboard
This feature has been desktop-only to this point, but the latest updates to our mobile interface mean that we can introduce this efficient feature to your phone as well.

Tapping on the command line icon (>_) will convert your top bar, allowing you to type any of the quick commands (i.e. ‘so.new’ to create a new sales order) that you can use on your desktop.

(Action) Menus

Mobile ERP customer record
The actions menu will now take up available screen space without you having to open/close sections of it, as well as maintaining your focus ahead of the document you’ve opened it on. We’ve also fed this through to our other mobile erp menus, such as the User Menu and the Grid Options menu.

Document content

We’ve pulled everything in and “boxed” it out (that’s the technical term, I can assure you!) so that documents now look more presentable on mobile. On top of this, the labels and inputs are now on separate lines and are significantly bigger, making them much more touch friendly, and allowing for more data to be shown on screen.

Grid cards

The grid cards, that are used on Mobile in place of the grid lines you get on desktop, have been made more “card like”, which our design team enjoyed working on. Cleaner lines, borders and more obvious separation have all gone into helping you easily distinguish one card on the grid from another.

Bigger is better when it comes to mobile

One thing we have learned during the last few iterations is that on mobile, bigger is definitely better when it comes to touch screens. You will notice many changes in line with this change in approach, such as bigger buttons, more obvious labels and much more. This has all been done to help improve your experience on mobile and to make Khaos Control Cloud as efficient to use on your phone as it is at your desk.

What next for our mobile erp?

Our next development sprint will be focusing on further improvements to mobile UI and performance, with tablet UI being a focus.

As ever, if you have any issues with your #ERPontheGo (there, I've pleased our marketing team), then please contact us through the application. You can access the feedback mechanism via your user menu or the help dialog at any time.

If you're not using Khaos Control Cloud yet, then what are you waiting for? You can book your free demo today!

Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud's updated process re: trials.


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