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Christmas emails can be hard to get right. One false move and your carefully typed, thoughtfully presented piece of copy has landed straight in the trash can, right next to last year’s broken toys. But seriously, as a company this can be very frustrating.

What if we were to tell you there’s a way to make it work?

Over the Christmas period, we’ve gathered together a string of emails and investigated exactly what would entice a customer to dig into their inbox and take in all your information, so that next Christmas you can be ahead of the game when it comes to your email content.

It’s Not All About the Offers

We all know Christmas is coming when our inboxes get flooded with money off vouchers and exciting offers. While that’s all well and good, it’s not the be all and end all.

We tend to think a subtle approach is much more effective. For example, an interesting email we came across by Wiggle included a personalised Christmas video greeting. Aside from video being hailed the upcoming king of marketing for 2017, it offers some interaction with the reader, giving your greeting a personal touch. Christmas Emails image from Brownlees

Another great idea is to offer engaging content that incorporates your products. Waitrose is a good example of this when they gave customers some festive food inspiration. This is both interesting and engaging, while still promoting the business.

Waitrose Christmas Emails

It pays off to take a step back from the brands that scream “shop here!” and put some thought into what the customer will respond to.

Don’t Fall Foul to Festive Overload

Even though you may be cranking out the Christmas tunes and pulling those crackers, don’t let too much of that extra festive spirit slip into those emails. Overdoing it is not a good look. Of course the purpose is to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! But going overboard can be a bit of a buzz kill. Keep it quite simple and customers will get the message.

Include Useful Information

It’s always a big help when companies remind their subscribers of any Christmas breaks, opening times and important dates they should be aware of. This keeps everyone in the loop and saves them wasting their time waiting for communication.

Christmas Emails - It’s All in the Name

The subject line is one of the most important aspects to consider when constructing an eye catching email of any kind, however with Christmas at the top of the eCommerce calendar, you need to separate yourself from the competition who are also after the same customers as you.

We’ve dug out some pretty surprising facts about subject lines that you may be interested to know;

With this in mind, make sure you spend a considerable amount of time constructing the perfect festive one liner to get open rates soaring.

Know your Audience

Everyone loves to feel exclusive. Knowing your audience is one sure way to boost your readership, which as we know is especially important around Christmas when trying to promote products. It is a great idea to include details such as their name, similar items they’ve bought previously and information based on their interest in certain products. This sorts out the last minute messages from the thoughtfully planned greetings.

Get to Grips with the Tone

Setting the correct tone is always an important factor to consider when using an email to communicate a message. The tone of an email will remain in a reader’s mind for longer than the content so creating the right mood is everything. With Christmas content, we think it’s best to stay true to your brand and remain consistent with your usual tone. Classic clichés can initially be eye catching but will only appear corny if not done properly - so make sure to spend some time on this.

Presentation is Key

Last but not least, have a think about the design - this will be the first thing the reader engages with. We’ve found that consistency is key. The most effective emails stuck with their signature design, adding some subtle Christmas touches, for example Odeon opted for small snowflakes and Pet Drugs Online (a member of the Khaos Control Family as you ask!) used a small Christmas hat. You don’t need to plaster the page with festive cheer to get the right effect.

Pet Drugs Online Christmas Emails

Another design aspect that works well is making the content image heavy. Some of the emails we checked out include large photos accompanying the greeting message. Jon Brambles gave a photo of the workforce wishing a Happy Christmas. This is a great personal touch to give customers a lasting impression of the faces behind the business. Although I'm not certain about the festive hats...Jon Brambles image on Christmas Emails

So, stay ahead of the game and take these tips on board when creating your Christmas emails in 2017 in order to get business booming.

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Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud's updated process re: trials.


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