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Cloud ERP Development Roadmap

Growing your retail business is a journey and we know that you want to work with a partner that recognises that. The cards below are the highlights of what our technical team are working on at the moment. See a change or feature that you want us to prioritise? Click the '+1' button and tell us why.



Now Live!

General Data Protection Regulation mandates that you must be able to "data hold" customers that request it. Khaos Control Cloud will support data holding and making customers anonymous by scrambling their data.

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Size Colour Style / Variants

Stock Control

Being able to create and manage product variants efficiently and quickly is vital for retailers. Introducing SCS (Size / Colour / Style) for stock items into KCC will give you the ability to quickly and efficiently create, extend and maintain product ranges.

Postcode Lookup

Internal Documents

This feature will be a real time saver as it will enable customer details to be entered quickly into the system, as addresses can be looked-up instead of being typed in manually.

CRM document upload


To enhance the existing CRM communication logs in the system, we will be allowing documents to be attached to comm log entries, making it easy to track what's been said.

Bulk update tool for products

Stock Control

This change will allow for multiple stock items to be updated in one go without the need to go into them one-by-one. Say for example you wanted to change the Type of a range of products, then this function would make that much easier.

Mailchimp Integration

Now Live!

Export your promotional data to Mailchimp so that customers can be emailed with special offers etc. It will be possible to run email campaigns based on bestselling products, customer who have bought, etc.

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Potential Roadmap Items

Here are some of the features we're considering for our Cloud ERP. See something here that you're keen to see on the Roadmap and then in the app? Get voting! Want a change that's not listed below? Contact us today and tell us more.

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