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Cloud ERP Development Roadmap

Growing your retail business is a journey and we know that you want to work with a partner that recognises that. The cards below are the highlights of what our technical team are working on at the moment. See a change or feature that you want us to prioritise? Click the '+1' button and tell us why.


EKM Powershop

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The EKM platform has powerful features to help you sell more. It is an all-in-one ecommerce solution that grows with your business.

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Despatch Bay Integration


Despatch Bay makes fulfilling new orders, arranging shipping and organising returns much easier. Despatch Bay has been designed to save you time, effort and reduce your ecommerce stress. Couriers supported - Royal Mail, Parcelforce, DX - Delivered Exactly, YODEL, DHL.

Channel Stock Item Import


In order to make it easier to get started with Khaos Control Cloud we are going to add a way of importing your starting products directly from your channel without you having to use the existing data import tool.

CRM Document Upload


The communications log in Khaos Control Cloud allows you to track interactions with customers, so you know what was said, by which medium, by whom and when. This development will allow external documents (renewal forms, images, etc) to be attached to the communication.

Health Checks

Internal Documents

We plan to add the ability for the system to report back on things it thinks you may not have set-up in the best way, giving hints and tips on getting the most from the system while warning you if it notices you are doing something wrong.

Usability Improvements

Now Live!


We have added new Screen Descriptions with links to help videos. We have also added a way of sending emails to different mailboxes based on the type of document being sent.

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Potential Roadmap Items

Here are some of the features we're considering for our Cloud ERP. See something here that you're keen to see on the Roadmap and then in the app? Get voting! Want a change that's not listed below? Contact us today and tell us more.

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