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Cloud ERP Development Roadmap

Growing your retail business is a journey and we know that you want to work with a partner that recognises that. The cards below are the highlights of what our technical team are working on at the moment. See a change or feature that you want us to prioritise? Click the '+1' button and tell us why.


Xero Integration

Accounts, Integration

Xero is Britain’s leading online accounting software. This is why we are working to integrate with Xero in the near future – so that you can continue to use your familiar accounting software while enjoying all the benefits of Khaos Control Cloud at the same time.

Drop Shipping

Now Live!

Drop shipping is a useful tool to reduce your overhead costs, especially if you are just starting out, as you won’t need to physically store items anymore. For that reason, we put it on our roadmap with the aim to seamlessly manage drop shipping transactions in your Cloud ERP.

Now Live!

This was released in the December Update


Email Automation

CRM, Integration

We want to facilitate your email communications and therefore seek to implement email automation in Khaos Control Cloud. It will allow you to generate and send emails like order confirmations or invoices to your customers directly from your Cloud ERP, without the hassle of going into your separate email software.

Royal Mail Integration

Couriers, Integration

Integrating with Royal Mail directly via their API will give KCC customers the ability to despatch goods direct from the application with Royal Mail and also automatically generate labels.

Stock Updates For Channels

Now Live!

Automatic order downloads and shipping notifications already allow you to integrate your channels into KCC. This change will enable you to automatically upload stock levels to your channels, removing over-selling and communication issues when you're selling the same product in multiple places.

Now Live!

This was released in the December Update


Consolidated Picksheet

Internal Documents

Instead of printing each picksheet individually or printing a batch of individual ones, you will soon be able to select a batch of orders and then print a combined picksheet for all of them to pick them from your warehouse in the most efficient way.

Potential Roadmap Items

Here are some of the features we're considering for our Cloud ERP. See something here that you're keen to see on the Roadmap and then in the app? Get voting! Want a change that's not listed below? Contact us today and tell us more.

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