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Drop Shipping Software

Drop shipping software will help your business to be more flexible, and respond quickly to customer needs, whilst saving costs. Now you can grow your business without investing in a warehouse, or employees to pick, pack and despatch.

Our drop shipping software is integrated with our cloud-based software

Enjoy a Greater Degree of Flexibility

Drop shipping allows your business to be more flexible: with no need for a physical inventory, you can run your business from anywhere in the world – provided you’re able to communicate with your customers and suppliers.

Any potential communication issues are alleviated. You’ll have a clear overview of the whole order process, enabling you to keep your suppliers and customers informed every step of the way.

Fulfil Customer Needs

No inventory means you can readily respond to customer needs, by stocking the items they’re looking for. Simply add your suppliers’ products to your website at no extra cost, and at no risk to you.

Once a customer has purchased an order, our drop shipping software will enable you to seamlessly raise a PO with your supplier. You can then either arrange for them to deliver the order to you, or directly to your customer.

Life just got easier now you’re no longer bound by an inventory.

Drop shipping software has landed at Khaos Control Cloud

Seamless Integration

Do you already use our cloud-based courier management software? Our drop shipping function seamlessly integrates with this, giving you total control over your business.

Whether your entire business is based on drop shipping, or you’re looking to combine this with a traditional inventory; both ways can easily be implemented.

Drop shipping can also be a great technique to test products: if one product is particularly popular, you may decide to add it to your physical inventory.

However you choose to use our drop shipping software, you can be sure that this hands-off approach to order fulfilment will integrate with ease into your current process.

For more information on how our software can revolutionise your business, check out the video below.

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