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Referral Scheme FAQ

Customer & Partner Referral Scheme

There is nothing more powerful in business than a recommendation and our referral scheme allows you to earn significant sums for recommending Khaos Control Cloud to your colleagues, friends, business network and clients.

Customer Referrals

Help Grow the Khaos Family

We love having you as part of our community and we don’t want our relationship to stop there. We’re giving our customers the change to earn £100s a year, just for referring customers to Khaos Control cloud.

Partner Referrals

Be rewarded for helping your clients

Our partners are key to helping us grow the Khaos Family and our referral scheme allows us to reward you for providing help and advice to your customers. Our great product, combined with a no-hassle process, makes it easy for you to earn £1000s a year, just for referring customers to Khaos Control Cloud.

No one expects something for nothing

We want to create passionate advocates for our application, so our Referral Scheme has been designed to reward you for spreading the word about Khaos Control Cloud.

For every new customer that signs up with your Referral Code you will receive 20% of whatever that customer spends with us during their first year in the Khaos family. To quantify that, if you take our standard price per user, per month (£50), combine it with our typical customer size (between 1 and 6 users) and ‘do the math’, you could be earning anything from £120 to £720 for one referral.

But this isn’t capped, either on user count, or number of referrals. The more customers you refer, the more you earn!

How do I take part in the Referral Scheme?

Customer Referral Scheme works with customer codes

Make a note of your Client Code. You are given this on your initial sign-up and this is also used when logging into the application.

Give the customer your code for the referral scheme to work

Whenever you recommend the application, give them your Client Code.

The customer must enter the code for our referral scheme

When the new customer signs up for a trial, they enter your Client Code in the Referral field.

Get paid for our customer referral scheme

Our automations then link them to your Khaos Control Cloud Account. Your Admin Panel will show you how your referrals are getting on and allow you to track your monthly earnings and reap your reward.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re an existing Khaos Control Cloud customer and know someone that would be interested in our product, pass on the message, reap the benefits and help us grow the Khaos Family!

For more information, check out our FAQ section, or contact us via email.

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