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The December Update of our ERP on the Go has been rolled out. I've sat down with the technical team to get the inside track on what's changed and how it will help you and your business.

Download and Print Multiple Documents in One Go

We can't admit to this having been a feature, but the technical team have resolved the issue which prevented you from downloading multiple documents in one go. It is now possible to download and print as many documents at a time as you like. Producing pick tickets is a good example of where this provides a real time saving:

Download multiple pick tickets screen in December update

Please Note: This .gif has been recorded in real time and has not been edited.

Data import improvements for validation and error identification

The Data Import tools that were released back in September have been further improved, with the team focusing on making it even easier for you to identify validation problems and data errors prior to importing data into your application. The changes include:

Would you like to know more about importing product data? Watch our explainer video.

Filter count accuracy improved in the Sales Invoice Manager

This one means exactly what it says on the tin. In our last update we changed the way in which the filters worked in the Despatch screen, applying them across all stages, rather than individually. The technical team have followed up on that change by improving the accuracy of the stage counts when you are filtering the Despatch screen.

Grid editing performance has been improved.

All that time and effort invested in Mobile and Tablet usability and performance has paid off throughout the application. One of the biggest wins has been with the overall performance and usability of the grids. It is now even easier to know which row or card you're using on a grid and moving between rows is even more intuitive. This has been particularly beneficial in Price Lists.

Further enhancements to the results returned in the Help Dialog

Everyone in the team works hard to ensure that the application's help and support is accessible and easy to use. We have already implemented; In-App Tours, How Tos, Help documentation, Up / Down Voting, Explainer videos and much more.

The latest improvements come from the Technical team's work on our search algorithms. This has resulted in even more accurate search results when you use the Help dialog in the application.

What's Next?

We are planning to release the next major update of your application in January 2017. As I mentioned in my November video update, this is going to include more improvements for Mobile and Tablet users. We will continue to update you of changes both in the application, via email and online. If you'd like to see this new functionality in action, fire up your instance of Khaos Control Cloud. If you've not yet signed up for a free demo, don't delay, start today!

Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud's updated process re: trials.


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