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Earn Great Reviews with Effective Order Processing!

Outstanding order processing is key to getting great reviews, which feeds your on-line reputation. If you’re old-school then you know it was ever thus. If you’re a member of Generation Z then you know that you don’t buy online without social proof of a retailer’s credentials.

And if you’re stuck in the middle then you’ll know that from word of mouth, through to Feefo (other review engines are available) and Social Media, your customers are looking for reassurance that you’re a great company to do business with.

Without efficient order processing software your business is not able to organise itself in such a way as to make sure your customers get great customer service, by ensuring that what they've ordered in shipped quickly and correctly, first time, every time.

Earn Great Reviews with Effective Order Processing!

Order processing will build trust

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72% of customers say that a positive review builds their trust in a business. 1

Order processing will improve feedback

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68% of customers believe what they read online. 2

Reviews can be even better with order processing

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88% of customers value online reviews as highly as their friend's opinions. 3

Improve sales with positive feedback through order processing

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67% of online purchases are impacted by reviews. 4

The 5 key things that your business needs to be able to do in order to earn a great review:


Proactive order processing.

Demonstrate proactive order processing

Understand your business and the way in which you work most efficiently. What time does each courier that you work with pick up? Do you have a process to pick out Next Day deliveries? Are you on top of payment confirmations and what should and shouldn’t be worked on?

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Only sell what you have in stock.

Deliver on your promise with order processing

Delivering on the promise you’ve made to your customers is that much easier if you only sell those items that you know you can fulfil. Making sure that all of your channels have accurate stock figures and that every stock movement you make is recorded will mean that you can deliver on your customers’ expectations.

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Work in partnership with your Suppliers for drop-ships and / or shortages.

Drop shipping through order processing allows you to get better reviews

Drop-shipping can allow you to deliver goods even more quickly to your customers. Work with your suppliers to ensure that the customer’s experience doesn’t suffer. You can still use your stationary and packaging if you’ve arranged it in advance, for example.

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Quick and consistent communication throughout the order process.

Consistent communication with order processing

Are you letting customers know when goods are despatched? How about when they are picked? Do you make use of text messages and your website? And are the messages you send reinforcing your company’s brand?

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Integrate directly with your courier(s) to ensure you deliver on time to the right location.

Effective order processing saves double-keying

Double-keying address data is time-consuming and error-prone. The customer has already confirmed their address for you, send that data direct to the courier for a greater chance of delivering the goods, first time.

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How can we help?

How we can help

At the heart of every great review lies a great customer experience that meets or exceeds the promise made at the point of purchase. Whilst we can’t help nail your message and content, we can help you deliver on the promises that you and your brand have made.

Using our Cloud ERP solution will allow you to deliver on all of the points above, and more, enabling you to earn great reviews from your customers and boost the growth of your business.

Try us and find out how you can do all this and more, straight from your browser, Start your FREE Trial now!

1. 72% of customers say that a positive review builds their trust in a business.

2. 68% of customers believe what they read online.

3. 88% of customers value online reviews as highly as their friends’ opinions.

4. 67% of online purchases are impacted by reviews.

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