Using eBay as a Guest - Blessing or Curse? What You Need to Know

ebay as a guest logineBay’s guest checkout is a useful tool with which to capture potential buyers, who are reluctant to give their data to eBay and don’t want to create an account. But it can be both a blessing and a curse.

What's in it for the Seller?

For you as a seller, there is of course one big benefit: you won’t be missing out on potential customers, who drop out of the purchase process because they do not have, or want, an eBay account.

However, trading with eBay guests is not always easy, as it can be more difficult to enforce payments etc.. This is an important issue to be aware of, as it has the potential to cause you problems down the line.

What's in it for the Buyer?

The buyers benefits from a fast checkout, without having to register and hand their data over to eBay. While using eBay as a guest, they can still create a watch-list, save favourite searches and sign up for email reminders.

However, they miss out on the majority of eBay's features.

For example:

Essentially, when using eBay as a guest, there's a greater chance that, as a buyer, you will be scammed.

eBay works hard to avoid such situations. Guests can still view their order details using a link from their order confirmation email and logging on with an access code. If available, the email will also include a tracking number to track their order. However, according to several forums, the order tracking for guests on eBay is often unreliable.

ebay guests can track orders

Therefore, it makes sense to enter the tracking number directly on the carrier’s website to track an order. If the carrier is unknown, one can also enter the tracking number in Google, which should come up with the correct order and its location and status. Another possibility to find out what is happening with your order is to contact the seller directly.

What's the Solution?

For that reason, it is very important for a seller to provide valid contact details at all times and to ensure that you provide the highest level of customer service and make life easier for buyers using eBay as a guest.

Because a great customer service can ultimately make the difference. It convinces guest users to take the step, create an account and become a long-term customer of yours.

Something that can help you with providing an outstanding customer service is having the right business management software in place.

Opting for a cloud-based ERP system that is flexible and allows you to manage your entire business from your phone – from stock control to order fulfilment and from CRM to accounts and in-depth reporting – is the right choice. Especially, with our multi-channel integration, which makes your processes even more efficient.

Start your free month now and and easily cope with buyers using eBay's guest functionality - whether they are a blessing or a curse!

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Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud's updated process re: trials.


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