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Third Party APIs are a staple part of all our lives. Without them, the notifications, prompts and joined up experiences we now enjoy would not exist. eCommerce Website Integration without a robust 3rd Party API is a non-starter.

But what are APIs?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of sub-routines, definition, protocols and tools for building application software. They allow for clear methods of communication between software components. In turn, this allows heavyweights like Google and Twitter provide the world with access to their services. For example; Google Maps.

Still none the wiser? A good example is using your Facebook account to log into other websites and applications. That all works via Facebook's API.

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What are Third Party APIs?

Third Party APIs are a set of requirements and features that enable developers access to a 1st Party System. This means that users of a system do not have to understand the foundations and coding language of a platform in order to implement new features, as the basics have already been outlined. An API allows for two - or more - systems to be integrated without the hassle usually associated with plugging together two separate applications.

Khaos Control Cloud's 3rd Party API means that it's cheaper and quicker to integrate your online store, shop's PoS (Point of Sale) system or other order entry technology with our Business Management Software. This enables you to provide an excellent level of service to your customers, benefit from automation and operational efficiencies, whilst also reducing costs.

An API Built to Power eCommerce Websites

Khaos Control Cloud's API offers an unrivalled level of functionality and flexibility via our RESTful API. Provided at no extra cost to all Khaos Control Cloud users, it allows you to integrate the following key eCommerce operations:

  • Products - new and amended stock items are uploaded to your online store automatically.

  • Stock Levels - inventory figures are sent up to your eCommerce website as soon as they change.

  • Orders - our Cloud ERP will automatically check for new customer orders, day and night, instantly importing them into your back office system.

  • Shipping Notifications - once you've picked, packed and despatched an order in Khaos Control Cloud, the API will tell your website / app.

Click here for more information on our 3rd Party API.

It's not just a case of flicking a switch

We'd rather you have your eyes open when you start integrating your eCommerce store with our business management software. As a result we want to flag that there are challenges associated with integrating applications. Rest assured we're always on the ball here at Khaos Control, and we'll work with you to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently, but you should bear in mind the following:


Three of the Most Common Obstacles to eCommerce Website Integration

1. Suppliers change their APIs. This could be caused by a bug fix, an update, or even an overhaul. But if an API changes or stops working it will lead to problems for you and your business. Our technical team regularly update our API to avoid show-stopping issues and to ensure that your integration keeps on trucking.

2. Sometimes companies use niche technology or coding languages, which can intefere with 3rd Party APIs. The Khaos Control Cloud team are a multi-talented bunch though and any long-forgotten, or brand spanking new, coding languages that come along will be swiftly dealt with and converted in order to work with our API.

3. When building a new eCommerce Website, it can be easy for developers to overlook the integration piece. In our experience, it can also be easy for this element of a new eCommerce Website project to fall behind schedule. This problem can often take time to rectify, as you will be reliant on your web developer to complete their work. The key is to make sure that you've provided your web developer(s) with all of the information and contacts they need in order to complete the work and that you liaise with the regularly. The Khaos Control Team are always on hand to help with any questions that they might have and sort queries quickly and efficiently.

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