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Mobiles – they’ve come a long a way. From bricks with battery lives measured in minutes, not hours, to Nokias serving Snake on 84 x 48 pixel screens, we’ve reached a stage where they’re distinguished from desktop computers only by size. Internet Retailing’s White Paper suggests that companies have recognised this development and that 2017 will see companies invest in mobile technologies at a greater rate than ever before.

This blogpost will explore how mobile technology has changed the consumer landscape, why to invest in mobile and how Khaos Control Cloud – built specifically with mobile use in mind – offers the ideal solution to a world where sales are driven by mobiles.

The scales have tipped

It’s been a long time coming, but Internet Retailing’s White Paper states the balance of online shopping has finally shifted in mobiles’ favour with most customers in developed countries, such as the UK, now using them to buy goods and services online.

Looking to developing countries, like China, where under a half of its 1.4 billion population is online, it is clear hundreds of millions of new customers will be joining their counterparts in the West accessing the internet, doing so with mobiles and shopping on them.

Another change caused by mobiles is the way customers interact with the companies. The traditional customer journey saw numbers steadily dwindle on their way through the purchasing process. As customers moved from awareness, to interest, consideration, intent, evaluation and eventual purchase of a product many would fall away at each step, leaving only the most appropriate customers left to purchase your goods.

Traditionally, your sales team took the lead in moving potential customers to purchase, reaching out personally to close the deal once your message / branding / marketing had aroused their interest.

Mobile technology has minimised sales’ role, enhancing marketing’s. Not only can advertisements, emails and social media accounts be viewed on mobiles, but bank balances can be checked and products bought. An entire world of information is at every prospect's fingertips. Customer no longer need to speak to a sales person in order to understand the latest technologies and the opportunities they provide for them and their business. They can get all of that information themselves, pretty much instantly.  As a result, customers, using mobiles, are entering and exiting the customer journey at different points, with 16% leaping straight to purchase from the first stages of awareness and interest.

How we can help you to Invest in Mobile

From Q1 2017, Khaos Control Cloud will integrate leading online multi-channel retailers, like Amazon and eBay, as well as payment methods. This means that when growing numbers of mobile customers leap from interest to purchase, they will be leaping from interest in YOUR product to buying YOUR product via major online retailers. Take advantage and invest in Khaos Control Cloud – our price, for a limited time only, is just £12 per user per month.

The White Paper also highlights that 49% of customers expect retailers to know stock availability. Ignorance is no excuse with Khaos Control Cloud. It isn’t tied to a physical location, so you and your employees can see what you’ve got, and rising sales, on whatever device wherever you have an internet connection. That includes your own mobile.

Resource management once meant stacks of paper, ringing through to answerphone, sluggishness and guesswork. Desktop computers have dramatically improved efficiency, but plugged into walls and reliant on onsite databases, they have their limits. Mobile computing and the cloud, bringing speed, portability and certainty is the next step. That’s the message of Internet Retailing’s White Paper.

Be a part of it with Khaos Control Cloud. If you've not already done so, sign up for a free demo of our ERP on the Go and see how we can help to transform your business.

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Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud's updated process re: trials.


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