Khaos Cloud Alpha Testing Well Underway! | Khaos Control Cloud

Khaos Cloud Alpha Testing is well underway! And things are looking fantastic.

The whole purpose of the Khaos Cloud product was to bring big business functionality to an ever wider audience. We are incredibly excited about this new product and the many years of experience we have in ERP systems is really shining through.

So without further ado here are some of the core functions that are just having that extra bit of polish added.

All of this is available from a modern browser which means not only you can run your business on the move but you can also do so using any number of devices. Our responsive design also ensures that they key information is presented in a clean and clear format.

We even take care of all of the IT infrastructure required so all you need is an Internet connection.

This is only the first phase of development offering the core essentials required to run your business. The development roadmap has some other great tools that will make the running and scaling up of your business even easier.

It is still not too late to sign up for the beta testing phase so that you can get a sneak peek at Khaos Cloud in action. By doing so you will also gain access to our free ebook, Controlling your Khaos, that offers many insights to keep your business on the right track.


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