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Who should you trust to help control your business?

Which system is more suitable for your needs? Which is more affordable? Which supports growth and business development? These factors are key when choosing the right software for you. Below are some reasons why you should choose Khaos Control Cloud over ChannelGrabber.

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Some great features with an easy work flow process! Managing inbound and outbound inventory in one place is great; its strength is incorporating your purchasing and getting real time inventory data as it happens.

Rizwan Razaq – On Khaos Control Cloud

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Channel Grabber has no main built-in accounting functionality, which for some may not be a big game changer, but for a growing business planning rapid expansion, not having integrated accounting functionality requires the additional overhead of maintaining 3rd party accounts software associated integrations.

Khaos Control Cloud provides a full accounting package within the ERP itself, ensuring a seamless harmony between your business, always updating accounts figures. Learn more here.

No Accounting



Having CRM functionality built into a business solution ensures that you can provide effective and timely customer service on a deep and personal level. Channel Grabber lacks this CRM functionality, which seriously hinders the standard of customer experience you are able to provide.

CRM functionality, like the one built into Khaos Control Cloud, offers the ability to collate comprehensive records of customer communication, amendable pop-ups, order history and customer history, to ensure your customer will not only be pleased with the service you offer, but also are more likely to return and become loyal, long-standing customers. Check out what our CRM offers.

Supplier Management

Supplier management is a major aspect of any business. Khaos Control Cloud offers supplier management tools such as supplier activities, returns, purchase order history and statuses, reorder quantities and multiples, and supplier specific product pricing, ensuring you build and nurture your supplier relationships. Find out more.

Supplier Management

Returns Management

Returns Management

Channel Grabber’s lack of an extensive returns management functionality means you can’t create, manage or track returns in an easy way. This could lead to inaccurate data and inefficient processing resulting in a poor customer experience.

Khaos Control Cloud allows you to quickly and easily manage your end to end returns process and convert each return into an opportunity to deliver excellent and memorable customer service. Learn more about returns here.

Wholesaler Order Management

Khaos Control Cloud’s comprehensive order manager allows wholesalers to oversee each aspect of the order process. It introduces flexibility to price lists, giving discounts and rewards to customers belonging to a certain price list.

The manager also supports control of accounts customers with credit limits, debt management and sales types, including: quotations; proforma and sales order; all through oversight of the whole ordering processes, from start to finish.



It’s clear then that Khaos Control Cloud has the power to take your business to new heights. The power of an all-in-one ERP solution cannot be compared to systems like ChannelGrabber because it offers so much more to manage and control your business, with increased levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Integration to channels and couriers such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify and DPD is important, but as a business it is likely you will have to manage the stock in more ways than this. From dealing with suppliers and creating purchase orders, to managing customer relations and processing returns, Khaos Control Cloud has it all.

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