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Who should you trust to help control your business?

Which system is more suitable for your needs? Which is more affordable? Which supports growth and business development? These factors are key when choosing the right software for you. Below are some reasons why you should choose Khaos Control Cloud over Linnworks.

Switch and save

First 2 months for £12 pcm

When you switch, you get your first 2 months of Khaos Control Cloud for just £12 a month. Move to Khaos Control Cloud to get this exclusive deal, and reap the benefits of the greatest ERP solution around. Don't hold back, book a demo with one of our team today.

We originally chose Khaos Control Cloud as it seemed to be one of the few cloud based systems available worldwide which offered comprehensive functionality at a very reasonable price, which as a start up company, dealing with overseas customers and suppliers, was essential.The Khaos team are fantastic. Always willing and quick to provide technical assistance.

Kate Moss

Sales & Operations Manager at Bonlok International Ltd

A More Flexible Way of Paying

Khaos Control Cloud is suitable for all businesses no matter their size, even if you only need 1 user license. Our flexible credits system allows you to reduce your monthly cost to as low as £40 per user per month. Here is our pricing Calculator.

You can also increase or decrease the amount of user licenses you have month on month, we will only charge you for what you use. Linnworks starts at £150 per month for unlimited users, however, as soon as you pass 1,000 orders, you will be charged 14p PER order. This is Linnworks most basic version and doesn’t include important functionalities such as user permissions.

Back Order Management

Wholesaler Order Management

Khaos Control Cloud features a comprehensive Order Management System that enables wholesalers to oversee every aspect of the ordering process. Cloud’s powerful functionality gives users greater flexibility in the form of price lists, which allow users to provide discounts and rewards to customers that are associated with a particular price list.

The powerful Order Manager also allows users to manage customer accounts, access debt management tools and sales types, all while overseeing the entire ordering process from start to finish.

Real Time Accounts

Khaos Control Cloud was designed to be an all-in-one system, containing everything you need to run your business from the moment you log in. The powerful in-built accounts function is largely managed in the background, as a result of completing sales orders and purchase orders. With dedicated sections to manage your profit and loss, balance sheet, and trial balance you will find processing your tax returns simple. See more here.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

At Khaos Control Cloud we understand that your customers are at the heart of your business. Linnworks does have a CRM section, but this is largely focused on coupons and promotions with little detail on that important communication with your valued customer.

Our CRM functionality allows you to understand your customer habits in new ways, such as what they have been buying, returning, important communication logs and outstanding quotes. Khaos Control Cloud comes with a fully integrated CRM so that you can build and maintain these strong relationships. Find out more here.

Back Order Management

Khaos Control Cloud’s intuitive Sales Invoice Manager allows part fulfilled orders to be shipped to customers meaning they get their goods sooner. Linnworks currently does not have a dedicated Back Order function meaning you have less control when it comes to orders with stock quantities outstanding.

Khaos Control Cloud’s Back Order function allows these goods to be assigned and shipped, meaning you don’t have to manually assign stock to an order.

Back Order

Need a larger system?

For those turning over larger amounts, processing a lot of orders and handling a lot of stock, we have the comprehensive business management software, Khaos Control. The transformative impact of implementing this on your business cannot be understated and to fully understand the benefits we can deliver for you and your business please contact us and arrange for one of our sales consultants to visit you, free of charge.

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