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Whether it’s Stock Control, Back Order Management, Returns or keeping your customers happy, Khaos Control Cloud has you covered.

If you are considering Unleashed, another stock control software, stick around to read why Khaos Control Cloud may be a better choice.

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Khaos Control Cloud allows you to use keycodes and campaigns to offer promotions to your customers. Unleashed does not offer this functionality which we feel is really important. In Khaos Control Cloud you can track all campaigns to determine if they’re worthwhile for your business and if they add customer satisfaction. This will give you a good handle on offering promotions, and greater control and flexibility in managing keycodes, tracking, and evaluating effectiveness. All for a better business.

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No Amazon

Amazon Integration

Unleashed does not currently offer a direct Amazon Integration. With over 300 million users and annual net sales of over $170 Billion, Amazon is a key channel in eCommerce and provides businesses an excellent opportunity to sell their goods. Khaos Control Cloud fully integrates with Amazon meaning that your stock levels will always be accurate, giving you more time to concentrate on the important things, like running your business.

API (Application Programming Interface)

In Unleashed, 3rd party APIs are only available to members on the ‘medium’ size membership and above. This means that if you want to integrate with a particular channel, you have to pay more for it. In Khaos Control Cloud, 3rd party API software is available to all users, regardless of the size of the business, meaning you can link any channel to your Khaos Control Cloud account quickly and easily.

No Accounting

Accounting Features

Accounting is a fundamental function for all businesses. Effectively managing finances, processing payroll and creating financial reports is crucial to the success of a business. Unleashed does not have any in built account features. Why pay for stock control software and separate accounting software? Khaos Control Cloud provides both, saving you time and money.

Fully Featured CRM System

Customer relationship management is at the core of any business. Without strong relationships with your customers you can miss out on key opportunities for repeat business and may lose out to competitors. Khaos Control Cloud has an in-depth but easy to use CRM allowing you to maintain those crucial relationships with your customers and help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Khaos Control Cloud allows part-shipment of orders. This means customers can receive some of the goods they have ordered even if all the items from their order aren’t in stock. Unleashed does not allow part-shipments. This means if a customer placed an order 20 items and all but 1 were in stock, they would have to wait until this item became available to receive their order. This leaves your customers waiting longer, reduces the chance of repeat business and potentially damaging your company’s reputation .

Lots of Integrations!

Unleashed doesn’t currently integrate with some of the biggest names in eCommerce, such as: Mailchimp, eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce and WooCommerce. Khaos Control Cloud integrates fully with these platforms, and our 3rd party API means you can integrate with many more. Don’t be caught out by not being able to integrate with the latest eCommerce platform, choose Khaos Control Cloud.

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Sage Pay

Sage Pay Integration

Sage Pay is Europe’s leading independent Payment Service Provider (PSP) and is trusted by thousands of businesses, yet Unleashed does not integrate with it. Don’t waste time searching for a PSP that integrates with Unleashed, choose a stock control software solution that already integrates with Sage Pay, such as Khaos Control Cloud.

Multi-Screen Capability

Khaos Control Cloud allows users to have multiple screens open at once, whereas Unleashed only allows users to have one screen open at one time. As a business owner, you’re used to juggling multiple tasks at once, so shouldn’t your stock control software be able to do the same?

Multiple screens
We originally chose Khaos Control Cloud as it seemed to be one of the few cloud based systems available worldwide which offered comprehensive functionality at a very reasonable price, which as a start up company, dealing with overseas customers and suppliers, was essential. The Khaos team are fantastic. Always willing and quick to provide technical assistance.

Kate Moss

Sales & Operations Manager at Bonlok International Ltd

What We Both Do

While we think Khaos Control Cloud is the best, Unleashed does have features that make the system useful for freelancers and not-for-profit organisations. Both Unleashed and Khaos Control Cloud prioritise user experience and have developed intuitive interfaces that customers love. Find your way around your business easily, and see important figures and margins in real time, right from your dashboard. Both systems are proficient in stock control, inventory and back office management. If you’re still using spreadsheets or alternating between different systems to manage your back office, both Khaos Control Cloud and Unleashed provide a solution to help you control your business.

The most important thing in your software is to have everything in one place, and while Unleashed does have some impressive functionality, it’s lack of integrations and lack of an accounting function means you need additional systems to run alongside it. Khaos Control Cloud makes running your business as easy (and as fun) as possible with its user friendly interface and powerful features, such as: flexible order management; order tracking; real time inventory and reporting, stock management and returns functionalities. We believe your business’ software should make your life that little bit easier by providing you with everything you need, rather than leaving out key features.

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