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Who should you trust to help control your business?

Which system is more suitable for your needs? Which is more affordable? Which supports growth and business development? These factors are key when choosing the right software for you. Below are some reasons why you should choose Khaos Control Cloud over Volo

Switch and save

First 2 months for £12 pcm

When you switch, you get your first 2 months of Khaos Control Cloud for just £12 a month. Move to Khaos Control Cloud to get this exclusive deal, and reap the benefits of the greatest ERP solution around. Don't hold back, book a demo with one of our team today.

Some great features with an easy work flow process! Managing inbound and outbound inventory in one place is great; its strength is incorporating your purchasing and getting real time inventory data as it happens.

Rizwan Razaq – On Khaos Control Cloud

Founder, House of Décor

Transparent Pricing

When selecting a solution, wouldn’t it be nice know know what you are paying, when and what you get for this. Khaos Control Cloud offers a flexible usage structure meaning you can make short or long term commitments to using the system. From £40 per month its great value for money. Volo charge based on a % of your turnover. See our price calculator.

Multi Currency

In-Built Accounting Features

Accounting is the foundation of any business. Without being able to track your in-comings and outgoings you will never be able to determine how successful you are. Key accounting features include creating your bank accounts, profit and loss reports, balance sheet, stock value reports, debt management and S P Ledger. Learn more about what our accounts offer by clicking here.


Khaos Control Cloud offers you the best integrated CRM/stock control combination on the market, perfect for creating prompts for telesales and keeping up to date with customers. Logging complaints, important customer feedback, managing outstanding quotes and reviewing a customer’s transaction history is easy when using Khaos Control Cloud and ensures the relationship with your customer base grows from strength to strength. Read more here.

Campain Management

Khaos Control Cloud’s Intuitive Interface

Khaos Control Cloud is easy to navigate and laid out for ease of use. If you need guidance, we have a number of YouTube and support videos guiding you through every aspect of the system. To look at this further take a look at our support videos and you will be pleasantly surprised that a solution which holds so much functionality is so easy to use!

Setup Wizard

As much as everyone in the industry likes to state how easy it is to setup on their system, in reality many of these processes can be incredibly complicated. Often, thousands of SKUs and pages of customer and supplier data need to be transferred which can be frustrating and time consuming.

This is why having a Setup Wizard to assist with this process is incredibly useful. To learn more about our set up wizard, read our product update blog post.

Computer Monitor

Easy to Navigate Website

In today’s internet dominated world you would expect that most companies would have adequate websites to properly market their products, at the very least a description of what their product actually is. Volo’s website doesn’t do this; it is very hard to decipher what it is they actually sell. This makes it difficult to find out what support you will be offered, quick fixes within the website and simply makes the whole process longer and harder than it has to be.

All of the additional information they provide tends to be centered around meaningless buzz words that don’t contribute anything to the customer. Khaos Control Cloud’s website is easy to navigate with all aspects of the website clearly available.

Why you should buy Khaos Control Cloud

While we think Khaos Control Cloud is the best, Volo does have some great features that make the system useful for manufacturing businesses. Both Volo and Khaos Control Cloud prioritise stock control and efficient management of inventory to best streamline your business. We both allow you to find your way around your business easily, and see important figures and margins in real time, right from your dashboard. Both systems are proficient in reporting and sales figures. If you’re still using spreadsheets or alternating between different systems to manage your back office, both Khaos Control Cloud and Volo provide a solution to help you control your business.

Ultimately, however, Volo was designed to help manufacturing businesses whereas Khaos Control Cloud was designed to help wholesalers and retailers. Getting a system that is right for you is crucial, so if you are a wholesaler or retailer, make sure you choose the best system for you. Choose Khaos Control Cloud.

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