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Ready to save some serious money for a serious bit of kit? We can help. As a cloud-based solution, Khaos Control Cloud streamlines your business’ stock control, order processing, CRM and accounting. We offer a huge amount of features for a modest monthly subscription fee, designed to cut your costs and free-up your time. Get a high level of control over your business, with comprehensive oversight of everything from your most popular products to your best suppliers, all within a single system.

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What a Bargain

Our prices for a one user solution start at only £12 a month, per user; perfect for a small startup looking to test the waters of ERP software. With features limited to only what you need, in the early stages of your development, our offering means you can set your business on a solid foundation. Having a comprehensive software solution in place before you grow ensures you’re taking advantage of key features from day one. Arcuate stock levels, control of your pick/pack/despatch processes and real-time accounts, to name but a few…

Please note, all offers mentioned are VAT exclusive.

What a bargain


Our prices range from £63 right down to £12 per user per month. Our goal is to offer affordable solutions to as many businesses as possible, because we know the importance of ERP software when it comes to key processes and future growth.

With an average cost of just £37.50 per user per month, our solutions are accessible to small and medium enterprises alike. Our sales team can advise on the most cost-effective package for you, so book your demo today.

Our average prices

Our FREE DEMO Offering

You may have seen across our site that we offer a free demo before giving you access to the system for 30 days. The reason for this is very simple: we want you to get the absolute most out of Khaos Control Cloud. In our experience, we’ve found it works well to offer a short demo with one of our wonderful sales team first, and then provide unlimited access to the system for a month. This is because our team can not only explain the system and all its benefits fully, but they can also suggest features within the application that’ll be perfect for your business. Having a demo saves you time in your evaluation, as the sales team can quickly identify whether it’s worth you taking a closer look at the system. Don’t worry, they won’t bite!

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Our free demo offering

Commission for REFERRALS

We like to say thank you when one of our customers or partners suggests Khaos Control Cloud to their contacts. To say thanks, we offer commission-based incentives when someone sends one of their customers over to try out Khaos Control Cloud, with these incentives lasting a lifetime*. What’s better than a low monthly cost for your business management software? We’ll tell you – ZERO cost! It does not take many referrals before your referred customers could be covering your entire monthly Khaos Control Cloud bill!

We have a whole page dedicated to our commission, including full details and how to get involved as a partner or customer.

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*commission for referrals is based on the lifetime of the customer with Khaos Control Cloud. As long as they have the system, you will receive commission.

Commission for referrals


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