Magento Integration with Khaos Control Cloud Via Webstraxt

Webstraxt Partnership 

We are pleased to announce that Khaos Control Cloud has partnered with Webstraxt Ltd. and can now offer a fully customisable integration with Magento 1 and 2.

This Third-party API integration will Webstraxt allow all Magento store users to sync existing stores with the stock control management and accounting functionalities found in Khaos Control Cloud. Orders placed in a user’s Magento store will automatically update in Khaos Control Cloud. Order status updates will be posted back in real time, meaning you can react to dynamic changes as quickly as possible. Additional functionalities and features are constantly being added to Khaos Control Cloud to improve your experience. With the new integration developed by Webstraxt, interactions between Magento and Khaos Control Cloud are seamless.

Magento 1&2 Integration 

The new integration with Magento 1 &2 compliments the existing Khaos Control Cloud offer. This includes integration and interaction with a wide variety of selling platforms and couriers such as Amazon and eBay. There has never been a better time to start using Khaos Control Cloud! This is only the beginning of our relationship with Webstraxt, who will work alongside our team to meet all the Magento integration requirements. Here’s what you can expect from the integration between Khaos Control Cloud and Magento.

Reduce your Inventory Costs

Being able to effectively manage the movement and selling of your stock will streamline all your business processes. Not only does this leave you with less hassle but it gives you the opportunity to spend time developing and growing your business instead of managing mistakes and fighting fires.

Happier Customers

Information on delivery, regular updates and two-way communication leads to a happier customer. Repeat business is a fundamental aspect of any successful business.

Fewer Errors

Tracking the location of your stored stock, your distribution channels, the number of stock as well as reorder levels means you will never make a mistake. On average 88% of spreadsheets have errors, leaving your business open to costly mistakes and unhappy customers.

Generating Financial Reports

Tracking your progress, from monthly sales to overheads is essential in maintaining a healthy business. Our integration with Magento 1 and 2 will allow you to easily track all your finances and accounts.

Key Features

A few words from us and Webstraxt

Jonathan Oldhams, Ecommerce Director at Webstraxt, said “We are really excited to be partnering with Khaos Control Solutions Ltd to deliver the integration of Khaos Control Cloud to the very popular Magento retail platform. The Khaos Control Cloud ERP system is a great product with rapid growth forecast over the next few years. We’re excited not just to be delivering a solution for Khaos Control Cloud customers on the Magento platform but with working with Khaos Control Solutions in the future to help deliver their future growth.”

Carly Koch, Business Development Manager for Khaos Control Cloud said “We have been very lucky to have built a great working relationship so quickly with Jonathan and his team at Webstraxt. Through a professional and expert approach Webstraxt have allowed us the ability to work with Magento customers. Magento being one of the world’s most popular eCommerce web platforms means we are able to target an ever-growing sector more effectively. Moving forward we will be happy to have Webstraxt by our side to support this growing consumer base and deliver to market a brilliant solution for our customers.”

Webstraxt will be able to offer 24/7 support for anyone using our Magento plugin. Their system supports Magento 1 version 1.7 and upwards and Magento 2 version 2 and upwards.

With ever growing capabilities there really is only one clear choice to make when purchasing Business Management Software. Sign up now and get your first 30 days free!


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