5 Ways to Improve Order Management In Your Business

Effective sales and order management is fundamental to running a successful business. Ensuring that you keep up-to-date with stock, what’s being ordered, what your customers want, popular trends and keeping your staff happy and engaged all comes into play in a smooth order process. There are a few ways to make your order management journey easier, to save you time and to boost your efficiency.

Automate your processes

tech-automateYou may have heard a lot about automation and how it can improve your processes. In relation to order management, automation can replace manual entry of orders, which is prone to human error. So, when a customer orders something on your website, an automation will push that order straight into your pick pack and despatch process. This takes away any errors involved with manual keying in of orders and is excellent preparation for when your business starts expanding; whereas with a manual process you may have to take on extra employees to process the increased orders that come with growth, your automation prevents you from having to do so by scaling with you.

Focus on customer relationships

Prioritising your customers will help you to improve order management processes. Decrease returns and enhance order management by delivering personalised and memorable customer service, every time. Our advice is to use a combination of personalised marketing, such as exclusive Facebook Groups specifically for customers and downloadable CRM software to keep track of customer queries, questions and needs. Doing this will keep you informed of what your customers want and help to reduce issues with orders, improving overall order management processes.

Engage with your team

Make sure your employees are fully onboard and up-to-date in regards to your order processes, what happens when a customer orders something, how long it takes for orders to be shipped etc. If you’re introducing new software, or currently use software to help you manage your orders, then ensure your team have all the correct training, and know exactly what they need to do to keep the operation running smoothly.

Use forecasting

finance-statsBy using analytics on your business, you can forecast and predict orders that may come in from customers, or even just which periods are busier for you as a company and how much stock is needed to fulfil all the orders you may receive. By forecasting, you ensure you have the right amount of stock in and can fulfil the orders to keep your customers happy. Using a system such as Google Analytics, you can hook up your business and monitor performance. Tracking increases your overall productivity and can make evaluations of products and processes simpler. So monitoring and analysing data on your business is a great idea.

Get an ERP Solution

While the above points can be achieved with separate systems, you can do all of them, plus a lot more, with an ERP system. Not sure what an ERP system is? Check here. This comprehensive business management software would enable you to become a pro in order management, but also give you forecasting and tracking abilities, a CRM to control customer relationships, and would help with automating your order processes. This basically means one solution to improve your order management, as well as many other aspects of your business, and one additional cost instead of multiple.

Interested in getting an ERP solution for your business? Khaos Control Cloud is the browser-based solution you could be looking for. With everything from order management to accounting, everything is covered in one software. Sign up for a demo to find out how WE can amplify your order management and processing.


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