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Referral Scheme FAQ

Customer & Partner Referral Scheme

There is nothing more powerful in business than a recommendation and our referral scheme allows you to earn significant sums for recommending Khaos Control Cloud to your colleagues, friends, business network and clients.

Customer Referrals

Help Grow the Khaos Family

We love having you as part of our community and we don’t want our relationship to stop there. We’re giving our customers the change to earn £100s a year, just for referring customers to Khaos Control cloud.

Partner Referrals

Be rewarded for helping your clients

Our partners are key to helping us grow the Khaos Family and our referral scheme allows us to reward you for providing help and advice to your customers. Our great product, combined with a no-hassle process, makes it easy for you to earn £1000s a year, just for referring customers to Khaos Control Cloud.

Become a Khaos Control Partner and Reap the Benefits

By partnering with us as a reseller, you could earn substantial financial rewards. How does £1.2 million over 5 years sound? If you are capable of delivering 30 customers per year, and especially if you are a MSP or VAR, used to offering additional services around 3rd party products, then that’s the sort of sum you could expect. This is not an offer to be dismissed lightly.

How does it work?
Khaos Control Cloud subscriptions average £40 per user per month, of which 30% would be payable for the lifetime of the customer. Let’s breakdown the proposition…

Proposition to your Customer

Key features of the solution:
– Stock control
– Supplier chain management
– Sales order processing
– Multi-sales channel management
– Debt management, full accounts
– Pick, pack despatch automation
– Customer returns

– Low monthly subscription-based charging
– Features of a full ERP system that will grow with the customer
– Software based on 20 years of industry experience
– Tried and tested functionality
– Slick modern interface

Proposition to you, the Partner
Intangible benefits:
– Help your customers by offering them the right solutions to their problems
– Be an expert in offering “best of breed“ products
– Allow KCC to complement your existing product suite
– Develop a “stickier” customer base

Tangible benefits:
– Generous revenue share of 30% on licences
– Revenue share is not time limited
– Revenue is recurring and accumulative
– Value-add services are owned, priced and delivered by you at 100% profit
– Your OTE makes it possible to earn £1.2m by year 5, ~65% of which is recurring

How it works:
– The customer is yours. We have no desire to offer further products or services to them independently
– We give you 2 days of free training on how KCC works
– You will provide services direct to your customers, including implementation, training, support, consultancy, etc
– We will provide email-based 3rd line support for bug fixes only
– We will provide two free email-based 2nd line support cases per year
– Extra training or support you need would have to be paid for
– We will support joint marketing projects; predominantly however, you should generate your own leads

Want to work with use as a Referral Partner instead of a Reseller?

The above is what you can earn as a Reseller, where you do most of the work yourself, but if you just want to simply refer leads to us and be quite hands-off, then our referral programme will be more suited to you. As a referral partner we perform the services around the customer’s use of the product and you get a 20% referral fee for whatever the customer purchases in the first 12 months of them being a KCC user. Nice and easy, it’s a win-win scenario, whichever option suits your business best.

Like what you see? Let one of our expert advisors give you a demo and set-up a free of charge promo account for your exclusive use!


Partner Referral Scheme

Becoming a Khaos Control Cloud Partner isn’t just a way for you to earn money, it makes you a problem solver. Until now, ERP software has had to be painstakingly installed on desktop computers, permanently stuck at workplaces accessing databases hosted on onsite servers.

The ball and chain of ERP software, tied to a physical location, causes problems. It’s bad enough when a worker on a shop floor must access a terminal on the other side of a store to answer a customer’s stock query. It’s even worse for a field sales person, who must call or email their head office every time they want to confirm a price, stock level or credit limit.

From any device, anywhere, anytime, your business’ key data can be securely accessed. The MD can review metrics, in real time, just as easily from the other side of the planet as from their office. Sales people need only swipe their phone a few times to know in seconds what a phone call would accomplish in minutes, or even hours. Purchasing staff can reorder stock from their tablet the very moment they see it’s run low.

There’s nothing to be installed. No server to manage – that’s all on us.

The advantages are clear.

Any other questions? Check out our FAQ section, or contact us via email.
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