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Refund Management

With increased purchases comes increased returns. Let our refund management software do the hard work for you, leaving you with time to focus on more important things.

Cloud refund management software offers

Save Yourself Precious Time

Let’s face it: refunds aren’t the most popular part of retail, but they can be one of the most time-consuming.

Our refund management software will buy you that extra time. Quickly process refunds directly from the customer’s original sales order - there’s no need to retake card details over the phone. The power to swiftly manage your refund process is right at your fingertips.

The end result? Happy customers, and more time to focus on other important tasks.

Fully integrated returns process in refund management software

Manage the Entire Refund Process in One Place

Returns may be frustrating, but they’re an inevitable part of business. If you handle them poorly, then you may lose a customer for life. They also represent a huge opportunity to show just how great your customer service is.

Our software gives you total control over your refund management process. Integrated into the Invoice Manager, you’ll have the ability to review and manage returns. You can also conduct a returns analysis, to smooth out any issues and ensure they don’t happen again.

Refunds also have strong ties to both the sales process, and overall customer management. With our software, you can build up a profile of your customer, providing you with the ability to offer them a great experience.

Make customer service your number one priority. Always.

Provide an Alternative Solution

Not all customers want a refund. They may have ordered the wrong size or colour, and want to exchange their item for something else.

With our refund management system, you can do just that. From balancing credit notes to checking available stock, you can help to fulfil your customer’s wishes.

By making a product exchange a promise you can easily keep, you’ll be demonstrating great service that customers will want to shout about.

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