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Customer Returns Analysis

Refunding the customer without understanding the reasons why, won’t help you in the long term. Delve deeper with returns analysis, so you can stop any potential issues from happening again.

Returns analysis is easy with our returns management software

Get Inside the Mind of Your Customer

The returns management process isn’t simply processing refunds and exchanges. To ensure any mistakes are avoided in the future, it’s crucial that you understand the what and the why behind your customers’ returns.

Our software enables you to undertake a detailed returns analysis, to get inside the mind of the customer and discover why they’ve asked for a refund.

It means you can get to the root of any issues fast, and take measures to stop them from happening again.

Find the reasons why behind the return with returns analysis

Increase Customer Satisfaction

High volumes of returns can be damaging for businesses. The process of shipping and handling returns soon becomes costly; and if you don’t resolve the reasons behind the returns, you’re not satisfying the customer.

Perhaps you left out some details on your website that you didn’t think were relevant? Or maybe the images uploaded don’t give a true representation of what your product looks like in real-life?

By conducting a returns analysis and resolving the issues, you are actively addressing customer concerns. Slowly, by eliminating mistakes, you’ll be increasing customer satisfaction in the long term.

Fully Integrated into ERP Software

The returns analysis process is integrated into our cloud-based ERP software, in-line with other business processes like order management and inventory.

With our software, you’re able to record the reason for a return as soon as you first enter it in the system, meaning you won’t miss out on that information at a later date. You can then create a dashboard report to conduct a full returns analysis, with no limit to the number of reports you can create.

Analysing your returns with our software is easy.

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