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We Integrate with Royal Mail Because...

Royal Mail is the UK's biggest courier service as well as one of the most trusted. Delivering over 130 million parcels over the Christmas period alone, they have the capacity and logistics available to support any kind of business, no matter the size of the order.

Whether you use Royal Mail OBA or Click & Drop we have you covered:

With Royal Mail OBA we have an API with Despatch Bay, allowing you to directly integrate with OBA through them.

Utilising Click and Drop to easily configure orders is perfect for online sellers, hence why Khaos Control has accommodated those who wish to use this method.

When combined with an all encompassing ERP software solution you have all the ingredients for success. Khaos Control Cloud can import CSV files to Royal Mail, making it a simple two step process. Allowing you access to the country's favourite courier and one of the nation's leading ERP solutions.

Despatch Bay OBA Integration

Despatch Bay works to make fulfilling new orders, arranging shipping and organising returns much easier. Despatch Bay has been designed to save you time, effort and reduce your eCommerce stress. It’s free to create an account, and you only pay for the parcels you ship.

Despatch Bay also Integrates with Royal Mail OBA and since we have an API with Despatch Bay that means you can pull through information from Khaos Control Cloud to Royal Mail OBA.

Our integration with Despatch Bay also means you can create shipping labels during the despatching process without re-keying errors – important information like address, contact and order data is updated within both Khaos Control Cloud and Despatch Bay at the same time to prevent mistakes.

How Your Business Benefits from our Cloud-Based Royal Mail ERP Integration

Quick, efficient and easy to use courier service.

The most widely used courier service UK wide.

Download your orders easily using a CSV file.

ERP Integration With Royal Mail That Makes The Difference

We've been working with couriers since Khaos Control's inception as a business, as well as having direct integrations with a number of other courier services. Royal Mail however, is the largest courier service in the UK, which also operates post offices that facilitate parcel handling and delivery.

But how can you get the best out of your combined use of Khaos Control Cloud and Royal Mail?

OBA Royal Mail and Despatch Bay Integration

Looking to integrate with Royal Mail OBA? We currently have a specialised API with Despatch Bay, allowing you access to this service:

  • Guarantee your parcels arrive safely and quickly

  • Track delivery with the click of a button

  • Trusted worldwide with packages of all sizes, from small start-ups to industrial shipments

Post Offices Throughout the UK

Keeping your customers in the loop is a great tactic to increase consumer confidence and maintain repeat business:

  • The option to drop your parcels off at thousands of locations, all easily accessible

  • Guide prices that are easy to find and at a competitive level

CSV Import and Download With Click & Drop

Export your CSV file from Khaos Control Cloud with all the relevant product information and add it directly into Royal Mail Click and Drop. A quick two step solution that takes minutes.

  • Download your orders from the Shipping tool within Khaos Control Cloud, it already populates all the relevant fields, meaning less time spent on trivial tasks

  • Import the data into Royal Mail Click & Drop, job done! (Just don't forget to actually post your items).

Click & Drop

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