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Shopify ERP Integration: Automated Ordering & Inventory Management

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We Integrate with Shopify Because...

No-one makes selling online easier than Shopify. Since launching in 2006, they've transformed themselves from being an online snowboarding retailer that dabbled in eCommerce into an organisation that has enabled the retailers it powers to process more than $29 billions' worth of sales.

With their own free 14 day trial (as well as our own free 30 day trial), a thriving 'App' developer community and an awesome API (toolkit) for companies like us to hook into Shopify via, integrating Khaos Control Cloud was a natural step. We've ensured that our application provides you with a robust and scalable integration that contains all of the key features you need in order to deliver on the promises you've made in your Shop window.

ERP Integration with Shopify Makes the Difference

We've been working with retailers as an organisation since 2000 and understand the benefits of integrating our customers' eCommerce websites into their back-office application.

Our Cloud Shopify ERP integration distils nearly two decades' experience of integrating eCommerce websites, marketplaces and channels into our Cloud ERP, to provide ambitious, pro-active Shopify retailers with the back-office toolkit that will enable them to develop their eCommerce website(s) sustainably, including:

Shopify Orders. Managed.

Every Shopify order is pulled down and brought into your back-office application. This ensures:

  • The end of hourly checks of your Shopify portal to see if there's anything to be done.

  • The removal of the costly mistakes that arise from manually re-keying orders.

  • No manual checks and lost time waiting for people to confirm what you can and can't deliver, thanks to a completely automated process.

Managed SKUs for Shopify

Pulling down orders automatically also impacts your inventory management, as both Shopify and your back office match and that everyone knows what you can - can can't - sell. Our Shopify automation ensures:

  • Stock levels on Shopify that are accurate.

  • More time for you to work on your business rather than in your stock room or warehouse, looking for an item you swore blind you had.

  • The promise your customer bought into is delivered on. Every time.

Shopify Shipments Sorted

Our Invoice Manager ensures that your Shopify customers come first, allowing you to:

  • Get 'it' right. First time. Every time.

  • Control expenditure and deliver an excellent level of service as a result of our integration to Metapack's delivery management software.

  • Engage your community quickly, consistently and easily, with postage data and other key information available to every user, straight from the CRM. You can provide even more value by publishing courier data to Shopify, straight from your ERP on the Go.

Shopify Explainer Videos

Find out how to generate a new Shopify Channel in KCC with this handy guide:
How to create a Shopify channel in Khaos Control Cloud
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