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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not everyone’s cup of tea – I wouldn’t blame you if you could do without another ‘day’ between now and Christmas.

But if that’s the case, then this is the perfect time for you to get involved in Small Business Saturday UK, which falls on Saturday 3rd December this year.  

But why celebrate small businesses and SMEs? Especially so soon after splurging on Amazon deals, PC World offers and everything Argos and the other big retailers have just been busy discounting?

Because the UK is built on SMEs (Small to Medium sized Enterprises) and for our country to thrive need to support them. Let’s look over the numbers…

And it’s not been overlooked, to help promote Small Business Saturday UK over 75% of local councils are actively supporting it. Our two favourites are Derby and Newcastle City Councils;

Councils Supporting Small Business Saturday

Derby City Council is holding a free event for those wanting to expand their business hearing from experienced business owners local to Derby. If you’re local to Derby, click through to find out more.

Newcastle has joined up with the Federation of Small Businesses, looking to promote the local traders in the community by choosing a champion of the year. Find out who is shortlisted to win, and more, here.

If those aren’t local to you don’t worry - the Small Business Saturday UK official website has a Small Business Finder page. I popped in Khaos Control HQ’s postcode and found that there are over 50 Small Businesses taking part within a twenty-mile radius - and that’s just those who have already signed up.

From sole traders to local landmarks, SME’s are the beating heart on which power local towns across the country. Each is a local business that you could support, instead of taking your money to a <insert  high street brand here>.

Small Business Saturday UK gets local

Here in Grantham, one that stands out is the Teaspoon Tea Company, in Grantham’s Westgate shopping centre. They recently they won the Open Table Diner’s Choice of 2016, with their amazing selection of loose leaf teas and handmade treats. Not to mention their position at #3 on Grantham’s top eateries, according to Tripadivsor.

The multinational coffee brands like Costa and Starbucks have their place, but I imagine that it’s not just me who’d prefer to take in a cup of tea there, than in a generically furnished franchise.

It is safe to say that here at Khaos Control HQ we are a bit biased about our love for Small Business Saturday. We’ve been supporting SMEs for more than 16 years. We are passionate about helping businesses grow and achieve their business goals. Companies like Christmastime and Sophie Allport.

Christmastime, as their name suggests, specialise in the best time of the year! Whether it’s for individual homes or large-scale displays for businesses, they will bring the Christmas spirit to your space. With our software keeping everything in control, it means the Christmastime team can focus on one of the benefits of being an SME- being able to provide personalised, excellent service. The proof is all over Christmas Time’s feedback page, it’s packed with sentiments like;

“once again, the service and prompt attention was first class and very much appreciated”

“Just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent service - probably a very busy time, but my order was despatched and tracked in a very fast and efficient manner”

“Thank you so much for your very prompt response to my telephone query and subsequent order, received today! Your customer service is five star!”

“Thank you for your efficient, friendly service. I think the true measure of a business is how it deals with problems and you have been a star”

Even though they are an online company, as I mentioned in the video, it’s still a small business. Online SMEs are pretty powerful with the right software behind them.

Sophie Allport is not just online but also has a bricks and mortar shop, near Stamford. The company is built around Sophie’s quintessentially British designs, adorning homeware, accessories and even the garden!

Whilst the business is ticking over, Sophie can work on building on the brand. For example, Sophie works on a wide selection of ranges, making charity connections (like the heart wrenching story behind the “Balls!” range), and helping out on photo shoots. This is the dream of any business owner, working on the business not in it.

So go on, what are you waiting for?

Remember, Small Business Saturday isn’t just about consumers snubbing the big guys after Black Friday. It’s about supporting small businesses.

As an SME ourselves we are supporting Small Business Saturday UK and we think that you should to. GO on, you might surprise yourself!

We’d love to hear your feedback on Small Business Saturday, why not drop us a line and let us know how you got on!

Khaos Control Cloud is the browser-based solution for SME businesses that are looking to grow their multi-channel business rapidly and sustainably. Don’t just take my word for it, sign up for a free demo today and find out for yourself.

Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud's updated process re: trials.


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