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Cloud Inventory Management Software

How many sheets in your Workbook do you have to check in order to know your total ‘available stock’ figure for a product? Ditch the effort, pain and hassle that comes from controlling your stock levels manually and benefit from accurate data that is driven by our cloud based inventory management software. Sell on multiple channels and marketplaces with confidence and allow your stock to be a tool for growth, not something you check fearfully every time you download an order.

Stock Inventory Management System

Accurate, Real Time Inventory & Stock Levels

One of the biggest challenges retailers face when selling across multiple channels is that of making the most of their inventory, without over-selling.

We take the guesswork out of your stock inventory management process and replace it with robust, accurate stock levels.  At any point in time you will know:

  • How many items you have in stock,

  • How many of those items are already assigned to sales orders,

  • How many items you have left available for sale,

  • How many items are on order from your Suppliers.

This knowledge puts you and your team in the driving seat and allows you to make informed, educated decisions about your stock and how you market your products.

Manage Multiple Inventory Sites from Cloud-Based One System

As a solution that is available anywhere, anytime, you won’t be surprised to learn that you can have as many different warehouses configured in Khaos Control Cloud as you need.  Sites allow you to segregate your stock in line with your business’ requirements, providing you with visibility and granularity with regards to your stock levels.

The Sites you define also allow you to segregate your activities within different physical (or virtual) areas of the same site.  This ensures that both physically and virtually independent teams can all benefit from using a single, unified, system, whilst only working with the products, sales and purchases that are relevant to their site.

Stock Inventory Management System

Manage Your Inventory Online

Cloud Inventory Management Software is not just about knowing what you have where, it is also about analysing your stock levels and ordering patterns and reordering appropriately.  Our reordering reports allow you to make informed, accurate decisions and link seamlessly into the Purchase Order process.  This makes it as painless as possible to raise purchase orders and fire them off to your suppliers.

Combined with reordering, regular stock control checks are a key element to managing your inventory. With our stock adjustment tools, our inventory software provide you with the ability to run partial, full and perpetual inventory stock takes.

Stock Control And How It Impacts You

Business Owner

Simple Stock Control

Compliance. In order to focus on growing your business you need to be certain that you have the systems and processes in place that ensure that your inventory is being managed efficiently and accurately.

Finance Manager

Simple Stock Control

The Bottom Line. Without accurate, robust stock control you are unable to trust your figures and provide accurate reporting and forecasting.

Sales Manager

Simple Stock Control

The Top Line. You need to know what’s available and where it is in order to focus on strategy and growing sales. Delivering on the promises that you make to your customers is vital.

Warehouse Manager

Simple Stock Control

Efficiency. Running a smooth and efficient warehouse operation is only possible when you have a robust system in place that allows you to control the movement of stock, both in and out, and across all of your various sites and locations.

Customer Services Representative

Simple Stock Control

Happy Customers. Accurate stock control reduces customer complaints. By knowing what is, and isn’t, available you can set expectations up front. No more asking the customer to wait whilst you go and check in the warehouse or confirm with a colleague. Robust inventory management powers clear communication with your customers.


Simple Stock Control

No more wasted trips. How many times have you gone to pick something and found that it’s not there, or that the last one has already been taken? Putting a stock control system in place removes these problems, whilst bringing further benefits with regards to combining picks, ordering your pick journey and integrating with your couriers.

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