Top 5 ways in which we've made Cloud ERP Efficient

We have been building business management solutions for more than 15 years and efficiency is at the heart of everything we do.

Helping companies to find and increase efficiency within their business allows them to grow whilst continuing to provide a great level of service to their customers.  Everyone wins!

In developing our Cloud ERP software solution, we’ve strived to make the application as efficient as possible.  We’ve focused on enabling you to complete your daily tasks more quickly, but without any loss of accuracy or quality.

Shortcuts are a key tool in our armoury and, in this blog post, I would like to take you through my five top tips for utilising an efficient Cloud ERP

Multitask wherever and whenever you need to with an efficient cloud ERP

Multitasking makes an efficient cloud ERP It's always going to happen, there you are happily creating a sales order and then suddenly you get a call from a customer.  Now what do you do? Put them on hold for a couple of minutes until you are done?  That's not our way of thinking!

Within the application, you can switch between any screen at any time and then come back to what you were doing.  Just remember that the screen you had open is within the Document Menu.

Quick tip: The counter against each section tells you how many windows you have open.

Navigate around with the command line

Auto complete makes an efficient cloud ERP As I hope you know, the command line can be used to create sales orders, open stock items and much, much more.  But what if you we could enhance that power even further?

We have made it even easier to navigate around the application from the Command Line and now you can use it to open screens.  For example:

I think you get the idea...

You may find it useful to read my colleague Matt's recent post about our new updates to the command line.

Powerful searching makes the grids in our Cloud ERP makes you even more Efficient

Searchable grids make an Efficient Cloud ERPThere is no need to review each record separately, if you know what you are looking for.  You can search by using any keywords in the search row of most grids, all that's left to do is sit back and watch the records filter down.

Ditch the mouse, use the keyboard

Many of us find it easier to use the keyboard rather than pointing the mouse to various parts of the screen.  We have a full list of keyboard shortcuts in the User Menu to make it even quicker to complete your tasks.

This has proven to be so effective that, when testing the application here at Khaos HQ, we can create a sales order with just the keyboard in under half the time it takes when using the mouse as well!

Use the create menu to its full potential

Efficient Cloud ERP menuWhat if you could create a new stock item whilst in the Sales Order screen? Or manage and create a new return when in the Promotions screen? Guess what? You can!

The Big Blue Button™ at the top of your screen dynamically updates with actions relevant to the screen you are currently in.  Click the drop-down arrow to see a menu containing all of the document types that you can start creating with a single click.

That’s all for now

So that's it, my top 5 tips for becoming even more productive with Khaos Control Cloud.  But it's far from the end, we are always researching, developing, testing and releasing new functions and features on order to make things more efficient, so if you have any suggestions please get in touch.

If you haven't already, sign up for a free demo and see how much time we can save you with your everyday tasks.  Leaving you even more time for the Good Stuff!

Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud's updated process re: trials.


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