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There are a multitude of eCommerce platforms out there, making choosing one confusing. Many cater to specific markets or have features unavailable in others. That's why we at Khaos we have compiled a list of the top five and how you can get the most out of each.

1. MagentoMagento 1 and 2

Considered one of the market leaders amongst eCommerce websites. Having many multinational users attests to its usability. So what are the platform's main advantages?

2. ShopifyShopify

Shopify, built for the perfect balance between convenience and control. If you don't want the fully catered, hemmed-in approach that Amazon and eBay offer, or the massive responsibility of creating your own from a dedicated server, then Shopify is going be your go-to. So, what are the benefits of using Shopify as your eCommerce platform?

3. AmazonAmazon

Everyone has heard of this giant, and if you haven't, then where the heck have you been? One of the most profitable businesses on the planet, and set to take over the world alongside Google and Elon Musk. It's no surprise they have an arm of their business dedicated to eCommerce platforms, after all they have their fingers in every pie on the shelf. But how do they best support eCommerce websites?

4. WooCommerceWooCommerce

Wooing all customers is every seller's dream. WooCommerce, as the name suggests, attempts just that. WooCommerce combines a lot of the benefits of previously-mentioned systems:

5. BigCommerceBig Commerce

Looking to make a big impact? Well, BigCommerce is here to serve. Akin to WooCommerce, they offer similiar features, with some stylistic differences and access to different markets. Some big users include Toyota, Martha Stewart and Original Moxie.

So now you know the top five eCommerce platforms. Each does roughly the same, with minor differences, that do end up tailoring your experience massively. The differences are largely attributable to the parent company and its customer base as to how you will sell. Now here comes the sales part. Without proper stock control management, you will never be able to properly manage your store. Loss of items will lead to loss of customers and loss in revenue. So now is the perfect time to invest in business management software. Control your accounts, CRM and stock with the touch of a button. Book a free demo now! 

This blog post's chosen quote goes to Eleanor Roosevelt with this nugget of gold – “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”.


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