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Allowing your customers to track their Amazon orders may, at first glance, seem like a tiny detail that you can happily ignore.

But it is not.

Providing tracking information on Amazon is actually critically important.

Why?tracking on Amazon

Because the modern online shopper wants to know where his or her order is – at all times.

While providing tracking data is not mandatory on Amazon, as they recognise the inability of certain shipping methods to do that, it is still highly recommended. Not only does it help you to keep your customers informed and therefore happy, but it also has positive effects on your relationship with them.

Providing your customers with honest information will increase their trust in you. They will be satisfied with their purchase and are therefore more likely to buy again. And to give you a better feedback.

Which is, in turn, necessary to win the Buy Box and make your sales go through the roof!

So, allowing your customers to track their orders is a clear win-win. So far, so good.

But How Does It Work?

In order to provide tracking on Amazon, it is easiest to use ‘Charge When Ship’. It means the customer is charged after you confirm that you have dispatched the order, rather than when he/she places the order. This works as follows:

What If I Have to Handle Multiple Orders?

While the above process works well if you are handling an overseeable amount of orders, it can become a bit tedious if you start selling more and more.

But there is no need to worry, as Amazon provides a very detailed guide on how to confirm the dispatch and update tracking information for multiple orders at the same time. To do this, you will simply need to download Amazon’s Shipping Confirmation template, which is an Excel spreadsheet where you then enter the dispatch information. You then simply need to safe it as a tab-delimited text file and upload it to Amazon.

If you have some more detailed questions on the Charge When Ship process, we recommend having a look on Amazon’s FAQ regarding Charge When Ship. Of course this works also when you are using Fulfilment by Amazon.

What Is in It For Me?

A few benefits of tracking on Amazon have already been mentioned earlier:tracking on Amazon

But that’s still not everything. Tracking can also decrease the likelihood of costs for lost orders and makes it much easier to resolve any issues with buyers. It is also your best protection in case it comes to an A-to-Z Guarantee Claim, especially if you are using a shipping method that includes signature on delivery.

In addition, it can also minimise the effort it takes to answer questions from buyers, as those will simply occur less often. Your buyers won’t have to ask you where their order is anymore, as they can check it themselves.

In terms of managing your orders, with Charge When Ship you can also easily check which orders have not been dispatched yet and Amazon will remind you when you are late. In the unpleasant case that you are unable to dispatch an order, you can simply cancel it without having to issue a refund, because the buyer has not been charged yet.

All the above benefits make it a no-brainer to use tracking on Amazon as they easily outweigh any required efforts.

Is It All Getting a Bit Too Much?

Feeling like managing all your orders and growing at a fast pace is getting too much to handle?

That sounds like it is time to implement a cloud-based ERP system that will take care of your Amazon and all other orders and supports your business growth with all the flexibility you need.

Not convinced? Just try it out for free then!


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