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That is our latest cloud app development sprint out of the way. That soon went, didn’t it? For the last two weeks, we have focused on improvements rather than features. Whilst new things are nice to get, going back and improving existing features can be even better!

Making the Help work even more quickly

Our experience of people using the app was that the help dialog was a sticking point, in terms of getting things done quickly. It wasn't always loading quickly for some people and that was impacting their overall experience.

We went back to basics and this has helped the help dialog massively. The Help dialog is now context sensitive, only loading items relevant to the screen you are currently on. As you can imagine, this improves the performance dramatically.

The search functionality in the Help dialog has also been given an overhaul. Our changes with regards to what the Help dialog loads initially allowed for significant improvements here as well. You will now see that Khaos Control Cloud responds with answers to your queries much more quickly. We have also improved the relevancy of Help topics returned.

We have further improved the Help dialog by adding a "match exact words" function. This allows you to limit your Help search to the term(s) you have entered. When you know what you are looking for this cuts down your search time significantly.

In addition to the performance improvements, we have also added the ability to mark help items as helpful or unhelpful. This will allow you to help your fellow users and us to know whether or not a Help topic provided you with the answer you were looking for.

Welcoming users to the application

Cloud App Development

This is a new feature, rather than an improvement. We have added a “Welcome screen” to the application which will be shown each time the application is updated. This will be able to flag up important information, such as when your ERP system has been updated and what has changed.

When Khaos Control Cloud is updated, this is the first thing you will see, but after that you will go back to seeing your dashboards, with the “What’s New?” section being accessible but not overpowering and in your face. The Welcome Screen will only pop on log in the next time we update your application.

Currency Support for Customer-Facing Documents

KReports generates everything from your pick tickets to your invoices, and in this sprint we have added something that had been sorely lacking, additional currency symbols! This means that your generated reports will now have monetary values in all currencies formatted to at least two decimal places, with the correct currency symbol.

Updating the top bar and the user menu (again), amongst other things

Cloud App Development dashboard

Yep! We changed the top bar and user menu again, which I know we only did a few weeks ago, but bear with us, it's all for the greater good!

Cross browser download support

So, it turns out that the file downloading wasn’t working as smoothly as we would have liked. There were some browsers that struggled to download .CSV exports or templates, and so we have had to rethink how we handle this.

We have now resolved the problem though, so whichever browser you are using, you will now be able to download .CSV exports and templates with no problems as all, phew!

Bug fixing

Apart from that, we have been fixing a number of random little bugs that had crept through testing in the previous update. For example, there were a few issues when adding items to stock adjustments, and dashboard panels weren’t being placed in the right way in certain circumstances. These examples, and much more, are resolved in the latest version.

What next?

There will be lots more to come in our next sprint for sure, but for now I personally have a short break before me to enjoy. Steve, Max and the rest of the Khaos Control Cloud team will be cracking on in my absence and I'm looking forward to reporting back to you on what they deliver.

In the meantime, if you have any issues with Khaos Control Cloud then please get in contact with us via the application. You can access the feedback mechanism via your user menu or the help dialog at any time.

If you’re not using Khaos Control Cloud yet, then what are you waiting for? You can start your free month today!

Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud's updated process re: trials.


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