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Xero Comes to Khaos Control Cloud

16 Mar 2018

Xero Comes to Khaos Control Cloud

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Size Colour Style / Variants

Stock Control

Being able to create and manage product variants efficiently and quickly is vital for retailers. Introducing SCS (Size / Colour / Style) for stock items into KCC will give you the ability to quickly and efficiently create, extend and maintain product ranges.

Email Automation

Release Imminent!

We want to facilitate your email communications by implementing email automation. It will allow you to generate and send emails like order confirmations or invoices to your customers directly from your Cloud ERP, without the hassle of going into your separate email software.

Release Imminent!

This will be released in your next update


Consolidated Picksheet

Internal Documents

Instead of printing each picksheet individually or printing a batch of individual ones, you will soon be able to select a batch of orders and then print a combined picksheet for all of them to pick them from your warehouse in the most efficient way.
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