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Automate Orders & Inventory Management with Our Cloud-based WooCommerce Integration

Why we Integrate with WooCommerce

Why we Integrate with WooCommerce

Did you know WordPress powers more than a quarter of the world’s top 10 million websites?

Its versatile, user-friendly interface makes it an ideal way to manage online content. And part of what makes it so powerful are the galaxy of plugins available. For eCommerce, the star of the show is WooCommerce. Open source and free to install, it supports almost a fifth of all eCommerce sites, and is the plugin of choice for many just starting out in online retail.

With nearly two decades’ experience supercharging business growth with greater efficiency, we’re pleased to present WooCommerce integration with our ERP on the Go solution, Khaos Control Cloud.
Our knowledge, and WooCommerce’s ease of use and popularity, makes supporting integration a no-brainer.

So, what are the benefits?

How Our WooCommerce Integration Can Help

WooCommerce is great – thousands of users agree – but Khaos Control Cloud makes it even better! How? Because to do anything, from updating products to managing orders, requires logging in to WordPress. That’s a hassle, meaning spreadsheets and data exports, and is made worse the more channels you sell over.

Our cloud integration gets around this – from one place, just one login you will be able to access all your WooCommerce functionality, meaning:

WooCommerce Order Management

Your WooCommerce orders are downloaded and imported into our Cloud ERP all day, every day. Instant communication means:

  • No need to manually download orders from WooCommerce.

  • No costly errors from order keying mistakes.

  • Our automated process means no time wasted on waiting for manual checks and processes.

WooCommerce Inventory Management

Automatically downloading orders also impacts your stock control, as both WooCommerce and Khaos Control Cloud are 'on the same page' in terms of stock that's available to sell. Our WooCommerce integration means:

  • No more over-selling on WooCommerce.

  • No more time wasting on repetitive and needless stock checks for WooCommerce.

  • That you can fulfil the promises that you've made to your WooCommerce customers.

WooCommerce Shipping Management

Pick, Pack and despatch your WooCommerce orders from a single screen in our Cloud ERP ensuring that:

  • Your WooCommerce customers are sent the right goods, in the right quantities, first time.

  • You save time and money by selecting the right courier option automatically with our Metapack integration.

  • Customer communication for your WooCommerce shoppers is made simple with centrally stored tracking references that are available to all of your channels and colleagues.

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